Thursday, September 2, 2010

moving day in a hurricane...

It seems to be that most important things happen on the nights before special days. Today, we as a family of five are delivering our eldest to her new home at northeastern U. It is gonna be ridiculously emotional. Themantra I have been repeating, is that she will only be an hour away by car or by train. If i put my big girl pants on and try really hard, I will keep this in mind for more than the next 24 hours. It could be bad for my younger daughter or my son... but i worry most for the hubster and the dog. Always, it is certain, that i will be reduced to a mountainous poorly spoken mass of bad jokes while randomly blubbering and sniffling. I know you will all wish us the best of luck since, the delivery of her nibs is in the midst of hurricane EARL.

For some of you out there, my kids have earned their nicknames in efforts specific to all of their individual personalities. The youngest is Miss Ross, long story on that one. The "boy" is a devilish mixture of penrod and bart simpson. Our eldest is humorous, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and mercy free. she too has a name i call her when feeling a lot less sentimental than i do right now. somehow with all the impending changes, i am unable to remember what that is. it is a funny little trick of my aging mind. i will remember it and then it will be divulged.

so i promise to be better with this here blog, as if you were all dying of impatience for my next rambling stint. Perhaps, tomorrow will yield a little more info about the dorm room and its inhabitants. i know there will be no shortage of flaring emotions, complicated with the new roommate and her parents. the mini refrigerator is one such issue that has been discussed ad nauseum for the past two weeks. more on that later i am sure.

so goodnight all, see you soon. xow.