Saturday, November 27, 2010

hi gang,
it has been so long since i have been on here and tried to make sense of my thoughts and ideas. Perhaps it is due to the ongoing chaos in my little world. or maybe it isn't. i can't really guess... all i know is that in the spare moments i have had to write something, i have leaning towards net surfing. that may not be my most interesting way to spend time, but it helps to rejuvenate some of the frazzled thoughts and calm them to work on my jewelry more.
since it is a major holiday weekend, there has been a lot of hockey time for all of us. well all but my delightful art student daughter. she has been alternately doing her computer things, sleeping, eating and seeing her friends all home for the brief holiday weekend. today, we may find some things to do together that perhaps will resonate for a long time in the future or for the next 5 seconds. i found me another fresh junk shop with loads of stuff to look at and plunder. i am hopeful that in spite of living with my ultra cluttered house, the girl will see the joy that is found when a cool thing is unearthed for re-use in another lifetime.
she may even locate a special box that once held silverware to corral her own art supplies and that gives her a happy glow when she looks at its bumps and scratches while reflecting on the fun we were able to have junking together.
and the other 3... well they are rink rats. i can't really complain. they are pretty happy gliding on ice. the boy gets paid handsomely for his efforts, while he is able to maintain a sense of personal calm. he referees ice hockey games. this is a very nice way to earn high school fun money. also he had an experience where he was tangential to putting 3 men in jail overnight for misconduct at a tournament. pretty heady stuff for a kid. this is the subject of one of his college application essays. i guess getting paid and having an entree into the college admissions process is not a bad outcome for his sticking with refereeing.
the little girl is a sprite. although she is growing by leaps and bounds... she is the firey girl in the goal net. she really rarely takes anyone's guff. it is a pleasure to see her being not only a hockey player with interesting locker room chat, but the stones of a small person standing up to much larger players (and other people in off ice life experiences). when there is a small issue between her and other young women at school, she is ready to take it on. thoughtfully and productively almost all the time. (i could do with a little restraint rinkside when it happens, but i have raised her... so i know where her peppery language stems from... sigh.)

now it is time to get off of the sofa and enjoy some of today at the junk store, in between shuttling the boy from one game to the next. i truly enjoy his company and the challenges of driving in a timely manner to and fro. he is good company as well.

recent finds of junk,,, will be plopped into this posting. i do not have much c ontrol over how to do all the graphic stuff yet. so please bear with me.
i am going to try to do more posts... even if they are all kinds of hodged and podged.


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