Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a square life

today marked the opening of the outdoor show season
 for many of my fellow art and handmade comrades. 
i made it to boston with my son who was invited to go with me...
and my husband who wanted to come along too. 
needless to say, i thought that hubby was horning in on my potential time with my boy. 
in preparing for this adventure in opening day outdoor selling, 
i have been quite overwhelmed with so many tasks and inventory 
and wholesale orders to be completed. 
my husband drove to NH to pick the boy up from his mid-way 
destination at a friend's home. 
i stayed put to make the finishing touches on my work. 
naturally i was a little envious, that hubby wanted to share today too. 
i will say, that without a doubt, both of my guys were inestimably great assistants. 
perhaps without their assistances, i might still be breaking down my show set-up.
happily, i am not. 

as  my guys drove southbound from NH to little rhody, 
hubby was entreated to pick up a few staples i had planned to have in hand. 
one was the little square gizmo that is used to read credit/debit cards. 
it is truly an essential part of my show successes. 
that is when i have them. 

so the fellows and i were on our batphones...
back and forth. 
back and forth all over again. 
i needed a fresh square gizmo. 

they are free if you order one from the company. 
my own was used for months on end. 
unfortunately, it went missing on me. 
and i was gifted by a fellow vendor to her spare reader. 
last weekend, while i was set up to do the last of the indoor markets, 
my little doohickey, jumped the sharks. 
yes indeedy. it flew out of my ipad and onto the floor. 
still eternally hopeful that it would work, i put its bent little jack into my ipad 
and had absolutely NO reaction at all. 
wonder how that could be, as the jack was bent at a right angle. 
ratso rizzo. 
it is a problem when that happens. 
i sent the menly men to stores on the way home and
 then took a quick ride to a sweet couple of square gizmo selling outlets. 
i did get not only one, but then a second one as well. 
everyone should consider back up. 
redundancy should be my objective most of the time. 
so i had squares. 

sunday was the big show. 
i was the first inn the small line of vendors to set up right by the perimeter fence. 
this is an ok space i think. 
it was also the closest booth to the port-o-san.
it did not enjoy this. 
someone has to have the space by the toilet. 
i just did not like that it was me. 
it was also a spot right next to the highway, so it was bloody cold. 
there were winds diving and driving around me. 
they shook the heck out of my tent and i feared for some lift-off. 
luckily, my home constructed concrete weights did the trick. 
things remained earthbound. 

one of the port o san guests came out and asked if i had any toilet tissue. 
i held my tongue. 
instead of screaming at her... i shook my head and said no. 
i have beads and flowers everywhere that i paid the priviledge of good money 
for a parking lot space in which to display them.
next time, i will come much better equipped.
i will charge a lot for a roll. 
all i could think of naturally, is an episode from what else?
do you have a square? do you have a square to spare? one ply?
yes, i was gifted with a superb spot to sell from. 

in spite of this geographical location ....
i had a half decent day. 
i may even mean that literally. 

a great highlight was some of my friends visiting...
dan and lucy 
were the only two to be snapped by my ipad. 
when i grow up, i will learn how to use the camera feature to take prettier pics with.
until then, 
here they are 

dan's wife jamie was getting some food for her family 
and their son was doing jumping jacks in his wagon, 
off ipad camera .
he was totally adorable and photo worthy, 
i am just not up to taking a fast photo.
lucy's hubby, mickey and daughter, izzy 
were explorig the market. 
or getting food too. 
i am blurry on some details... 
cause i was in and out of the social stuff. 
i was sorta there to do some selling. 

anyways... i am pooped and tomorrow is my date to go to brimfield. 
it is a date with another seller at these shows,
my friend trish. 
in spite of my horrid child and husband gifting me with a cold, 
i am going... 
in the rain and raw weather. 
it just has to happen or i will explode with anticipation, 
you know i am not prone to hyperbole. 
ha .  ha  . ha. 

facebook says that rachel ashwell will be there tomorrow too. 
i already warned her i am coming. 
she was elegant and polite. 
after all these years in america, she ought to know better 

night all. 

rings on display yesterday. 



  1. Oh wendy, i giggled endlessly at the porta potty centered so nicely!

  2. i feel such amazement for how many times i get situated right next to a toilet in any sowa event.
    the only time i don't, is when there is none nearby.