Saturday, September 8, 2012

it is deliciously quiet here today. everyone is where they are supposed to be. two are at their respective colleges as of monday, the widget is at school and the dh is working.
this is prime time to get my own needs met. today has a list of three things to do:
ship some stuff, clean up the house, exercise/walk the dog.

no where on that very short list is grumbling, grinding my molars, or fretting. yet, i am doing all three.
i have my ideal environment in play right now and i am just simmering at upset.
1. the widget is not feeling her best. she has been throwing up nearly every day since before school resumed. she is a driven critter and loves playing both ice and field hockey. also there is the beast that high school is,  to contend with and the cherry on top is a nascent boyfriend situation.
2. someone i placed a lot of faith in over time, has admitted that it is all quid pro quo. and the onus is on me. i do not care how much we are interdependent, but the work being done on my behalf at best is half assed. i am so sad, because i hate when relationships end ... and i fear this one really needs to.
3. my son was very immature last year. i worry how much of the past will repeat itself.
4. it is painful to scrape together money that should be dedicated to things like a new roof or tires to make our car roadworthy... for shows that are not earning their keep for 4 months. it is the way that it goes, but i still have trouble reconciling this.
5. i need to get a RI tax permit. plain and simply, because i hate paying taxes at shows with a temporary permit.
6. some new forms of growth are on my platter... and i need to get over my fears about trying to harness the skills required to feel comfortable about them.
7. i want to learn to do some new things : solder, leather crafting, fimo work.
8. controlling how mad teenaged girls make me is taking a lot of effort; watching my daughter suffer through these lessons is as hard for me to hold back on as it is to watch her live through.
9. with fresh changes to my diet, i no longer can drink my coffee in the morning. i miss this caffeinating ritual with all my heart and hope that all the other alterations will permit me to someday enjoy some grains of sugar within that essential elixir again.

the weather is glorious out, the dog has had a little fun at a park, i have walked, and now it is time to get through the other two legs of my to-do list.

in the mean time... some photos, (already posted on facebook...sorry for this redundancy) of the past weekend's show.
as shows go, this could have been better laid out  physically and better attended.  the glorious sunshine and heat influenced the crowds appearance.  this is absolutely nobody's fault, cause it is part of the outdoor crafters life... you just deal with it.  i too wish to have been at the beach instead of hawking my wares on an asphalt substrate, but i needed the money and exposure. frankly, there is just so much disposable income available for purchasing, so what i was able to capture with my sales was really gratefully appreciated. i never take that lightly.

a smidge of the tablescape

some of my bubblemania style 
companion bracelets

earrings, brooches & 
bubblemania necklaces

shell and pearls
ribbons and flowers
millinery and metals

little earrings 
for the more demure bendywholigans

a collection of minis

hot off the fingertips and pliers...
floral lockets
finally, tiny romantic hideaways 

a wedding necklace for kirsten c-s

beady flower necklaces
turning over to the new season

 a d i e u
a u f   w i e d e r s e h e n
l a t e r   a l l i g a t o r s...


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