Thursday, April 18, 2013

absent in mind, spirit and blogging

it has been a month and a half or longer since i last wrote anything. for who knows why, other than things have been very busy. i am happy that i am not imprisoned or unwell. My life is just busy enough to have me challenging a lot of new ideas and older commitments.
this month has brought a lot of fresh stuff my way, most of it is absolutely  wondrous and spectacular. so i thought rather than go into detail ad nauseum, i would just list some of the top notes from the recent events.

my list of some current personal events...

1. spring is finally happening.
i was beginning to unravel 
now i am super-grateful for the break in weather and the generous potential of upcoming months.

2. Three of my most profitable and favorite shows to do, are all scheduled to take place on the same weekend in december. 
splitting hairs is rough enough on any good day. 
i am deeply perplexed as to how to manage this terrible turn for my holiday planning.
it seems logical in light of this, that i now try to change things up and add in a 4th application for a show on the same weekend. 
perhaps things will shake out well in the long run!
it is after all, still april. 

3. i was accused of intellectual theft by another jeweler/artist. 
then her mother got on the bandwagon.
(although probably offered as parental support,
it served as an act of infantilizing her daughter's business experience.)
i believe that her accusations are wholly unfounded.
if she were half the business person that she considers herself to be,
she would have contacted me privately via email or snail mail, not as a private message on facebook.
she would have asked before accusing me of the things she has.
sometimes things evolve organically, along parallel lines independently of one another as in this particular case.
my response would have been to consider her requests and to respond in kind.
instead, i have been verbally assaulted and threatened.
this simply makes me mad and stubborn. surely not the end result dreamed about.
my work is in no way constructed or designed to infringe upon anyone in any manner.
i do research to ensure that this is my result.
what i do, is of my own making; from the hand painted flowers, to their jewelry applications.
if this were not so,
many folks would be paying royalties to the egyptians of the ancient world
or major costume jewelry companies such as Monet, Trifari, Miriam Haskell, etc.
they have all used the process of layering floral components.
this is not a new thing, such as the wheel once was.
everyone uses layered flowers and wheel ideas freely.
honey and sugar go a lot further than vinegar and vitriol. 
i do not take intellectual theft lightly at all.
asking before accusing is a better process.
any kind of plagiarism is a big NO-NO in my world. 

4. Jimmy Choo, the god of great footwear, had a couple of special meals with a friend of mine. 
SHE is the great chef of Kuala Lumpur 
Isadora Chai. 
her face graces many a magazine cover in her part of the world... 
making any trip by a newstand, "surreal" as she says it. 
seeing her own face look back at her from the tiers has got to be both exciting and a little creepy.
Mr. Choo, has enjoyed, admired and inquired about Izzy's jewelry worn for both these occasions.
the Chef and i are working through some plans for our future together, 
designing and marketing fresh glittery statements. 
good thing i am on Pacific Rim time for the greater part of it all. 

5. One of my dearest friends, Sydney,  is a Torontian. 
she has surfaced from the mire that can be all consuming. 
i call it parenthood. 
she is a woman who dresses for her own ideas, comfort, pleasure and entertainment. 
she is a magnificent human and i am so grateful she can snag a few moments to share her life with me... 
if only through the graces of emails and photos. 
here she is on the streets of Toronto named as a street fashionista! 
once a stand out, always a standout. 
(and yet a wonderful mum in the mix of her boys being boys)

7. when spring starts to edge into summer months, the show season will be fully underway.
i was considering  taking a weekend off from the carny circuit in june to attend my college reunion. 
the idea of having that for a goal to turn back time, aka lose weight and find my legitimate waistline, 
has been tampered with. 
MY dear friend from down under,  Rebecca Courtenay 
and her identical sister Mandy, will be visiting the USA for 10 days. 
i am planning on breaking out of new england and meeting them in the flesh in new york city. 
it is my own doublemint miracle. 
i am so excited about doing this i cannot say!

8. and to top out my list, 
here is the last item for now...
my work was accepted into the Boston Museum of Fine Arts gift store in Boston. 
i am surely as excited about this as anything. 
my rep posted this photo to announce this piece of news. 

9. in a rather half-assed manner, i have been participating as a 'guest creator' in a friend's book.
boy, i take the worst photos of some half done or overdone efforts.
if i could just make this right for her... that would be super-duper cool.
just like the invitation to join my efforts into her amazing volume.

and since you have been so nice as to stay here and look in on my world... 
here are a few pics of fresh 2013 bloomers. 

a ring assortment for SMYLE, 
a store in e. greenwich RI

some flirting with chain bracelets 
available through Silver Circle Gallery 
in Putnam, CT.

mixed beaded flower necklaces
getting ready for 
Aine's in Reading MA

Five Flower Bracelets
for Etsy and Facebook ladies

my own version of the Yellow Brick Road.
it is my starting point from which i start and follow...
i cannot make my lovelies without my flowers. 

More flowered necklaces destined for mixed New England stores...

a pair of earrings that are colored to match a place i would like to go to...
one with tropical waters and sandy beaches preferably. 

Mixed post earrings getting prettied up for my first big girl show of the season...
april 28. in pawtucket ri. 
so excited... it is the kick off of my season and a lot of my dearest friends will be there!

 let me not gloss over the profound loss i feel over the entire exposure to craziness,
 a loss of sanctity and well being
with the bombings in boston this week.  
 the safety of my dear eldest daughter 
who was only a couple of blocks away in her college library at the time... 
came into question. 
her proximity,  innocence  and ability to deal with the aftermath has been tested.
luckily for everyone, she has taken it in stride pretty well. 
i really didn't have any of this in mind when i made my fledgeling effort to let go (as a mom)
and encouraged her birthright to go to college. 
i am very grateful that humans are a resilient bunch
i am really happy when i see
 goodness rising from people who have the most to lose.

so i have this last pic to share with you...
my hope for some worldly peace
through flowery appointment. 



  1. Love this whole post....and Jimmy CHOO????? That's exciting!

  2. I was so excited about Jimmy Choo that I shared the news with my hubby. He actually looked up from the ipad and said "wow". His marketing background kicked into high gear. Keep us posted!