Thursday, July 22, 2010

the red bungalow

I am a new blog poster... I bet there are 12 step programs that go with that. It is quite easy for many folks to set them up. Unfortunately, I seem not to be one of them.. One of the little bloggy spaces to fill in, has a subtitle to the banner. In this case, I named it "Crafty tales of a woman and her family who live in a red bungalow". It feels wordy as all heck, and I bet it will be rewritten until it sounds closer to what I want it to say. Sometimes I can be picky that way.
In the mean time, let me show you what my industrious husband has morphed our street-side facade into. It is this compact, yet lush garden of curbside appeal. This is in a drive up and visit or cyber viewing mode. If google can take pics. I ought to do so as well. I pick the flowers from the nurseries and he plants his little heart out. We both are served well by this division of design and labor. Our own little variation on a famous O'Henry tale.

Our red bungalow is where more than a few hilarious events or funky creations have been started . It could do with a freshening, since the front steps look unstable and painting it is overdue. As much as it is needed, I don't think I can be too greedy right now.
Construction needs are being addressed in the rear of the house. My husband and son have started to rebuild the back porch ( I suspect that it will be the subject of another posting ). I really do know that I might be boring the pants off of you, but the porch construction is overdue by about 20 years. When we bought this house, it was the first thing hubby dearest wanted to update. Truly, I have been very, very, Very patient with him. I really have an obligation to show this project in progress, for those of you who have experiences with carpenters, contractors and other such clever but (ahem) frustrating artisans. It is a tribute to them saying that they will be back to deal with just one more thing on your wish list.
I am going to document when the worker bees are creating and updating the premises. Positive reinforcement is supposed to work (rhetorical knee slapping inserted here). I did what I could by drawing plans for the event 2 decades ago. Just in case the mood was right.
Perhaps, the weather and timing will hold up well over the next few days? We are all weary of taking the dog on the short trip from the front door to the backyard in the middle of the night.. He seems to hide his disappointment well ... after all he thinks he is going somewhere good, such as on a long squirrel seeking hunt, a neighborhood walkabout with a teen from our collection or in the car to see his buddies at the dog park. Sorry pupster. When this is all done, perhaps you will enjoy a fresh surface to shed on and relax.

I suppose that this is just about enough for now, but since this is my blog, surely more interesting things shall be reported in upcoming posts? It's up to you to keep stopping by....
plans for future posts include: family hi-jinxes... cooked items... baked items... jewelry created... other folks' clevernesses... and general day to day personal musings.

Thank you for visiting... xow.

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