Tuesday, January 15, 2013

flu season: 1 vs. me: zero.

flu season is here. early and surly.
i have been under it's pall for days.
so many days already. almost a week's worth of fever on and off. i have not enjoyed any of it.
it does allow me the luxury of drinking in the flavor of nyquil if sleep is elusive. it is probably my favorite thing about cold season. of course there is NOTHING i really enjoy about having a cold. somehow having some nyquil to look forward to during that period of discomfort is a big plus.
a really huuuuuge plus.
were i able to resist being drunk all the time, i might consider keeping a bottle of french liquor(pernod) in the house that is used to make pastis cocktails with. oh yeah and some ouzo too. of course, i am a weenie these days and the entire premise of dealing with the sugars in those alcohols and the inevitable head aching results any next day, tempers my interest in regular indulgences.

somewhere in the midst of my flu season, my son had some college stuff to deal with. this is so he can remain in his major course of study. i am beyond peeved with him. i think he had a secret decoder ring in use when he filled out his college applications. the subtle text hidden in the common application must have said, "if you want to blow off studying and be a total gomer, here's where to go to do it. only a few immature nitwits can read this and have the cereal box based jewelry to find it with.  exclusivity is a big selling point i think.
seriously, i am really totally pissed. so if you see him, ask him to hand over that ring and let him know he is only fooling himself... what. a. dumb. ass.

and the big girl is kicking butt at her new job. i love it. she continues to evolve nicely.
if only her roommates in their entries into colorful and home cooking would lay off the onions.
they seem to like to saute onions all the time in their little suite. for the onion defective gene-pool, you must look to me. poor halley has inherited that dismay over  an excessive use of onions. mea culpa.
i think when you are starting to learn to cook and are figuring out what tastes go together, style can be simply too heavy handed... and let's face the obvious. onions pack a wallop of taste and a wallop of flavor in a pretty small package. inexpensively too, which suits a college student's grocery bill and tummy simultaneously and nicely. well most of the college based eaters. just not my progeny.

as the flu has had its indelible  grip on me over this week... i have been relying on facebook too much for my entertainment. that and netflix. so now i am going through british mystery series for a second time. i know, a new hobby should be coming soon. i am getting a tad bored with my interests. also i am not all that excited about a lot of FB postings.  then again, i would be somewhere tropical if i could be right now... i should not be so cranky about my pals getting to go away for a break in the winter's back.

pinterest is a rabbit hole that i find myself easily falling into. no surprises there. what is kind of cool, is i am enjoying looking at some blogs i forget to check more regularly. i do enjoy the jewelry related ones as well as those dedicated to home style and repurposing junk. one of my go-to faves this week has been about all sorts of nutty embellishers and techniques relative to jewelry making.
the artist who writes it is full of vigor and experimentation and colorful commentary. i love it. it really shows how much grunge and great materials all worked in ways that one might not expect. the results are gobsmackingly pretty and rich and funky with a capital "F". also they are refreshingly original. a very nice thing these days.

so anyways. there were a few other things to be done while i was in the funk mode. slowly, they have been getting finished. perhaps i will take some clever photos tomorrow in the light of day.
a few charm bracelets, floral on leather cuffs, flower rings and other funsies. i need to finish this group  to mail out manana. i am in between naps all the time and they are a lot of what i see when my eyeballs are propped open.

anywho, my world is weird and it is time for yet another nap... aka bed for the night.

later  sweet potaters. 

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