Sunday, January 5, 2014

late enough for me ...

it is too late to do anything but sleep if you are kind of normal. 
i am not claiming any of that landscape just now. 
i have a couple of goals i was trying to set and hit for the not distant future. so i already have failed massively in trying to work with systems instead of goals. perhaps they are really one and the same. 
however, i wanted to try to finish sorting a couple more containers of glorious vintage swag
before i crashed for the night. 
also i wanted to get to the point in the peacock necklace where i could look at it more critically, for amending properly. 

regardless... i have taken some truly shitty pics to share of the mess in my studio space. i am at the point in the cleanup where i need to clear a lot more space so that i can put the cute little doodads of infinite tongue and cheekiness into a drawer. they sit in front of the drawers assigned to them for their housing and are pre-sorted into a log jam. so i took some piccies at night, with flash, and no natural light to show what i am up against in having myself as a client. 
really, it just sucks. 

this pic is for beckie.
 it is all kinds of pink celluloids in a green drawer. 
i know she understands this madness. 
and shame. 

and then there are these...
mixed portraits, 
and buckle frames for their sweet faces. 
i like to think of them as instant family.

 a mote of rhinestone madness...
be assured that this is just the top drawer of many. 
granted, they are really small drawers... 
ooooh shiny! 
distractability ensuing.

gladly you can't see the joy of goofus glass 
and horse bridle rosettes well enough. 
if you could, you would check me into a hospital
 to deal with my obsessions with reverse painted glass
 and fancy dress items for horses. 

an incomplete collection of steel cut jewelry 
and buttons. look, there IS some empty space still ok?

and the last of the crappiest of pics is for all you who 
than anything else, 
want to put a bird on something. 

please try very hard not to judge me... i am already doing more than enough for us all. 
i have a huge collecting problem... 
and i am very busy putting other folks' kids through college. 

this process of seeing my inventory is so overwhelming, that i am going to try my hardest to just use what cool stuff i have in my own space to make fresh jewelry with. 
it is an economic need now. 
i have awesome things and i need to share some ... 
not all, 
but some. 

btw, the peacock necklace is nearly done. 
i just need some decent pics of it...
 to see where i am missing elements and can fill in the blank spots. 
it is a process, a system, a standing back and visiting things. 
it needs daylight. 

time to get my snooze on. 

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  1. Love your stash, you have to have a lot of stuff to make stuff right!?!