Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a summer-free summer

this summer never got off the ground. it was filled with a lot of going to and fro to places that were deemed essential for making things go forward. not enough of it was dedicated to relaxation, fresh lazy meals and seeing my intact brood all together.

instead i had little sleep and weird dreams to fill that in. like just tonight's dreams were filled with two of my friends coming to visit my tree house home and wrecking their car as well as my tender edifice as they tried to move off of a porch outcropping. ok, i know, weird as all heck. still it was a dream.

in fact, yesterday should have been composed in blocs of time. not regular ones like minutes and seconds, but just chunks. that was the way it was dedicated to being.

  1.  first bloc, take one child to field hockey practice... for preseason{day 2};
  2.  take bff to another location for another sport preseason practice {morning day 2} at an hour later... her ride forgot to come get her;
  3.  an hour later, pick up first child who is now melting down over not having a copy of her well dr.'s annual visit report from last year; pick up guest child from remote practice location; 
  4. meeting a friend for coffee since i have a gift for her and have not seen her all summer;
  5. interim between meeting and pickup of kids, go to dr's office to find a copy of medical records. told that it takes 3-5 business days. if non-official report is given, it is  immediately available. small victory cheering ensues.
  6. rush to meet friend for coffee and sit. evidently one of us is in the a/c and the other is baking in the sun on the patio. both considered late. 
  7. meet husband and son to switch cars and be left at husband's client's home to wait for ADT, the alarm people. they are scheduled to come from 1-3 pm to change a battery in their carbon monoxide alarm. 
  8. two hours later, no internet service, no ipad battery left, one magazine read, no ADT sighting, husband and son return from using car to client's house. we switch autos again. husband and son are in said car, arguing in the post driver's test passing mode. should be exciting time for kid, but he has as always, pissed off the dad. passing his test was accomplished with many caveats. 
  9. run south on highway to get food and layaway for child three. preparation for second athletic event of day. pick up jock clothing at store and find a rarity: cute shoes for me! shorty cowboy boots in red and black. perfect for upcoming long skirt and jeans weather. not real cowboy boots, but a nice inexpensive facsimile. 
  10. guest child goes to second pre-season practice of day, my own child gets to go to second athletic event of day... summer hockey season semi-final game. 
  11. as girls get their second practices accomplished, a buyer comes to look at a red mustang that has been residing in driveway for 20 yrs in all different states of disuse. the boy is again moping, since his bedroom overlooked it in the driveway. his personal dreams to fix it up and drive it, now dashed. the car has sold to a neighbor's friend. it is part of making me really poor white trash anyways, so i am glad to see income generated from its sale and space freed up in the driveway. 
  12. guest child gets ride home and is sporting a sprained ankle. practice was great. a teammate stepped on her ankle after she rolled it during practice.  she is staying with us, since her pediatrician dad and his dad, a pulmonary specialist are on the cape vacationing together. no help here... we are out of ibuprofen. ice packs are applied. 
  13. people are pissed that i haven't mailed stuff out. don't know when i would have found the time to be that efficient. 
  14. light is perfect outside, so a few photos of new floral lockets get snapped
  15. dinner, made in tandem by the boy and me. pasta, sauce, coleslaw. 
  16. waiting for eldest to get out of work at 10:30 pm. to give a ride home. 
  17. edit locket photos while awaiting trip to get eldest from work. 
  18. no ibuprofen in house for guest child who has foot propped up and is exhausted from practices. 
  19. finally start work day. totally tired myself. throw in towel and deal with insulin. now hives of days ago, finally gone. only one to remain is on right thumb. what is that all about?
  20. give up and promise to make a fresh start on next day. 
  21. sleep.
rinse and repeat. 

after all, it is 'hell week' at the high school. 
why not here too?
 just another day in my life.
 jam packed and all over the place. 
not truly productive.

locket photos are as follows:

closed locket

open locket

maybe i can catch a few more minutes of sleep, now that it is quiet here again?
i am going to give it the old college try. 


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