Saturday, August 18, 2012

growing flowers & growing up

too much is packed into any single day. this is what has happened after my introduction to and acceptance of computers. i live by my own within arms reach by the way... so i am a big part of the problem. ok, perhaps i mean addiction. the real thing of it is, as much as it would be really swell to slow down to appreciate the little things in life, it is really hard to do just that. 

for 15 years, we have belonged to a swim club. it is a little place in the middle of the woods in seekonk, ma. i have hated, loved, sunned,  laughed, reveled in, swam, played in sand and on tennis courts, cooked for the masses from the snack bar and for my own little family and many other time frittering activities . it has been a lifesaver and a pain in the ass. what it has most been, is the touch stone for my kids to grow up in. they learned to swim here. my daughter met her best friend here. my son fell smitten to a girl's charms for the first time here. my little girl nursed under a tree here. it has held a lot of my own life and social fabric over the years, i met several of my dearest friends here. 

sometimes you simply outgrow that which is dearest to you. for this i am horribly sad. my youngest, who visited in utero for her first time, said this to me this week. it is sad, but i think i need to relinquish my death grip on my membership there. i need to grow up some too. 

these days, my work is what makes me move around and forward. i am totally invested in varied components of its day to day workings. i need electricity and the internet and a charged camera to keep moving things along. in spite of using mostly hand held tools and low tech methodology, periodically, i need the comforts of my own digs. additionally, i have a lot of stock i like to draw upon, to create stuff with. bringing all of it along to supervise my children at the pool is no longer as easy as it once was. 
there are also many commitments that pull me from place to place as i move from craft show to open air art gigs. i know i am changing little by little, but it is with bittersweet sadness that it happens. 

i guess having two kids in college should have been a wake-up call, but i do not like change. even if it is very slow,  methodical and so subtle that it has gone unnoticed.  i think i just need to accept that i have changed already. dangitall. 

my body has developed diabetes, which is totally controllable as i tweak medicines around, exercise more and eat healthier.  my blood pressure which was a little scary high a month ago, is now in a very nice place. i have two friends who make cool belts and i would love to wear them... so this belly fat has GOT to go.  it is time to cede to the personal needs and adjust for the second half of my life. even if i am doing it while kicking and screaming all the way. 

in the mean time, i shall be fiddling with my floral pieces. trying out fresh garden themes and wearing them to the supermarkets around town. how else would i get ambient feedback and maintain a reputation for eccentricity?  i would love to be as adventuresome as iris apfel and create gobsmacking style as i convert oxygen to carbon dioxide. perhaps i already have started. call me a grandma moses wannabe.  costume jewelry addiction is my medium.  i would love to take a page from my own sensibilities and be as innovative as some have suggested my own jewelry style infers. to live what i fantasize; new goals are to be dreamt of, striven for  and hopefully achieved.  i always am facing some personal challenge or another. perhaps just trying to take them in stride is the only way i can move along as the slip stream of life pushes me forward. 

this week, in a post block island show aftermath, i worked on several different things. 
the first of which was repairing my depleted stock. secondly, was the joy of reconnecting with a few of my wholesale customers. i spent time on line at the DMV, which is one of the seven circles of hell that Dante described. it was nothing in comparison to the undescribed eighth circle also known as Walmart. 
i did make it to the swim club for my 3rd time this summer with tess and one of her friends... so that was good. And, i made the following bracelets. i think this week has been pretty full. 

these are some of the chain bracelets 
that are popular with all kinds of ladies...

i spent a lot of time watching the block island guests 
flow in and out
while making stuff to refill my trays.
these were part of that collection... 

more of the boldly patterned flower-fete

if in doubt, make a pearl necklace.
loads of future brides come to Block Island to check it out.
one never knows if a statement necklace is part of that.

speaking of brides and stuff... 
my pal from the craft circuit requested a necklace for her special day. 
this is what ensued. 

fresh earrings

 it is time to do some work, sorting, storing, making fresh space for glorious things. i have been stocking up like a crazy person for the holiday season. i bought a lot of gorgeous vintage new old stock lucite beads. their colors made me feel as if they were made just for me. this next week or two will be spent playing with them... in new combinations. bright, happy, fun-filled mixtures. they will be paired with my autumnal palette of flowers and really,  i just can't wait! 

adieu for now... xoxo.w.

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