Friday, February 18, 2011

cabin fever vendors and guests

You just have no idea when you get somewhere out of your comfort zone,
how it will work out.
totally obvious.
I apologize in advance for that.

As you may know,
this past sunday was the Cabin Fever Indie craft Show in Boston.
I have been relentlessly yakking about it anywhere anyone might let me.
thank you for not being turned off to that promotional,
self supporting,
I participated last year and again this year.
I just wanted to see if it was me or the venue that was rough.
It seems that it is just the time of year as post holiday,
digging into the snowy scenery
if i had to hazard a guess, tight pursestrings.
no one truly has that much to spare these days.
Between the icy, snowy, wet, damp, frosty, freezy winter we have had so far...
most folks have shortened tolerance for extra adventures that do not include
cerulean waters , sand underfoot, chef created foods and unstructured life.
i sure do.
as a matter of fact, i have not had an actual vacation since i was pregnant with my eldest child.
she is on her way to twenty now.
so i am not the poster child for relaxed living.

the vacation digression is now over, if only temporarily.
back to cabin fever...the show.
there were 80 artists of varying styles, mediums and cleverness scales.
art for walls.
warm clothing.
vintage clothing.
tee shirts.
E T C.

Usually, i never get to meander.
this time, my son was kind enough to come with me.
my daughter also broke out of her dorm to visit.
they covered my wares and i tripped the light fantastic.
i walked around and chatted with some of the folks i had already met and some new ones.
it was really nice to play connect the dots with many folks that i had wanted to meet.
i missed out on some.
i was embracing my own sleep deficit.
thus making my memory a little shorter term than usual.
here are a few of my cute co-exhibitors.

the very cute sister of one of my friends, lisa of glamourpuss jewels.
sis is Amy of ABCowls.
I tried to take a pic of her table looking full,
but that was not easy, since she had sold quite a few pieces !

then i chatted a bit with another Amy.
the clever woman who made many gorgeous silver items.
she had a couple of bowls fitted with mossy ground cover.
upon these she had her silver rings set for display.
her store is AG AMBROULT
i guess the ag, stands for amy or silver.
i should have asked.

right across from my table was Olivia.
her mom was not around when i took the pics.
she likes to come along for how much fun the whole process is.
Olivia is a tee-shirt genius.
her message is LOVE.
it is in all different languages and graphics.
pretty and clever all at the same time.
While she was at our show, her brother was manning their newly created
brick and mortar store with his girlfriend.
the message here is that LoVe is a family affair.

Here are Pam and Jay.
a husband and wife team.
Pam loves Patina.
By day M-F, Pam is a librarian.
Jay tends their 3 kids while she is out at the mainline job.
Jay helps and makes the funky, vintage tin earring stands they use.
He also makes the earring wires for Pam to hang cool jewels from.
They have chemistry.
and patina to show for it.

Here is the young woman, Jeanne, that was my left hand neighbor.
(the ladies room was to my right).
I thought i would not like her, since she was so pretty.
(yes, i am a little shallow that way)
in my defense, i thought she might be attitudinal.
She was so delightful, i wanted to adopt her.
just edgy enough and snarky to speak my language.
even more to the point, she and my kids were great company.
her warm little crocheted things were funky, well made, and as hip as she is.
if you can keep a secret,
we snagged a pair of fingerless gloves from her
for my unrepresented daughter's upcoming 14th birthday.
shhhh. don't tell tessa.
she is already relentless in so many ways,constructing a party for her big day.

Finally for the purposes of this posting,
there was the uber joyous
she too makes silver jewelry.
it is quirky,
clever too.
we did a trade.
i now have a nifty locket.
so freaking gorgeous.
i adore it.
now i have the utter joy of trying to make something clever for her in return.
i sure hope i can do her proud.
she really dislikes having her photo taken,
so i will regale you with her work instead.
(and yeah, i lied she is in the middle piccie).

ok, i know, this blogging takes time away from your regular life.
this is not all the folks i took photos of.
so i am going to split them up.
there is another post coming that will include other folks representing at this show.
and yes, customers too.

xoxoxo, wendy

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