Friday, February 25, 2011

on being 14.

i have a big project to attend to this friday evening.
it was not one of my own design.
it was started by my nearly 14 year old daughter.
she wants to have a party.
Real BAD!
ok, you know i really wanted to be grammatically sensitive and say "really badly".
but i am channeling my little drama queen right now.
and if i am fair, she often is channeling : Legally Blond.
I know this girl, and it is safe to say, that she is best followed.
it is too hard to try to push her into your version of what she wants or needs.
believe me , i have tried.
she is nice as can be about getting stuff done her way.
still i feel her little fingerprints all over me this time.
and you must know, i am ok with it.
how often does your kid take her/his ideas for a birthday party in hand.
figure out a guest list that works!
(this time it is going to be only her ice hockey teammates;
her besties will be treated to individual days of pampering or something more
relevant to their relationships.
these are the girls from her pre-school class, merely 10 years ago.
who knew.
that class of kids is reconnecting and it is hysterical.
many have stayed in touch all along.
as always, i digress).

my abhorrence of housekeeping is in play ... however i have done some bathroom
deep cleansing.
and vacuuming some rugs(it has to be done more than once.
the non-shedding dog has siblings all around us.
as if it were a magical event, the oven broke down.
it now influences the cake mixing.
for now.
i am planning to do one of those frozen whipped cream and refrigerator cookies cakes.
seems easy, i have been responsible for their creation for many decades already.
if in doubt, freeze it.

back to the main issue. the child figured out what she wanted for her party.
1} bowling:$19.oo an hour for 6 kids or less.
including bowling shoes.
2} cake: 2 boxes, one yellow, one chocolate.
one can of cream cheese frosting.
eggs, oil, water in house.
$3.99 for all give or take.
and she wants to do it herself.
candles in house already.
i wanted to make her a real layer cake with whipped ganache icing, but she did not want that.
3} pizza: two pies. dominoes... less than $20.oo somehow.
perhaps a coupon involved.
it is in the 180 degree opposite direction.
plus i have boycotted dominoes for my own reasons
(something to do with support of anti-abortion/right to life politics...not mine).
so we negotiated to go half-way for a local less costly pizza.
and to eat it at our house.
4} they have a game at the Home Rink at 9 a.m. saturday.
voila!!! now sleeping over.
air mattresses are pulled from camping supplies.
so i will be making pancakes at 7 the next morning.
they are queenling's favorites.
i must comply . no whining either.
i promise to try.
5} goodie bags already made.
candy purchased at market for filling the chinese takeout containers i bought for other to-go events.
Candy: $8.oo
containers: free
labels for containers: printed off of momma's computer.
nearly free.

Party Total:$51.oo
at least in her mind.
she has not had a party since she was a toddler.
I owe her.
yes, we own
"Legally Blond"
so i am sure that we will be viewing it ...
if other girls can stay up that late after the social directress
has had her way with us all.
i remain amusedly, support staff.
photos perhaps to follow. one never knows.

please wish me luck. there is an ungodly amount of dog hair everywhere.
and i forgot, there is a banner .... handmade by the birthday girl.
who could ask for anything more?



  1. Beautiful post. What a good mama to not push her into what your version is but rather let her be herself. It sounds like a great party and those girls will have so much fun, the dog hair will go unnoticed!

  2. Oh my Lord! My word verification was Undie!