Sunday, February 20, 2011

more vendor loves & QQ's

Feedback Questions...
i wonder, am i going on too long?
as i am not too short on things to yak about.
i have looked at a bunch of other crafty & lifestyle blogs recently.
do i have too much to say?
should these entries be shorter in content?
or are you ok with my
"quirky style of prose"?
and the ongoing issue with photos....
in general, i size everything in square format to fit an etsy listing.
since my friend pibbles, suggested she wants to see bigger....
and i would say the same with anyone else...
i have been trying to make it work better for any "tired" eyes to see details.
my pal
JJ aka rosie revolver... who makes kickASS silver jewels,
tried her very best to help me out.
i think, i am unsure that this is a winning prospect.
only half of what i have added as pics are enlarging when i look at the blog.

so i am trying... but not sure if i am up to a real learning curve.
the idea of trying to solder is on one of my back 3 burners.
my new goal is to be more able to work in photoshop.
seriously, it ought to be easy.
those little icons make sense to someone, it just is not me yet.
this is probably a better goal to work towards.
it doesn't matter though.
i may be able to harness my college aged daughter
for some tutoring when she comes home for spring break.
she needs to not sleep all the week spite of her fatigue.

i need to do some basic flower painting. and selling...
work on some rosary style chains that i want to make ...
as well as replace recently sold jewelry stock.
lots of dreams and goals to work towards.

onto more of the main event.
vendors i have met at cabin fever...

this is the brain child of annemade designs.
as you might assume, her name is
she goes to local beaches and gets sand to implement in her very cool and pretty jewelry.
she is an artist of resin coloring, pouring and graphic designs.
it is fascinating to see how she makes humble things come together and POP!
we met at a show.
now we are bonded for life i think.
i look forward to spending time this summer at POM.
Providence Open Market.
she and dear Pam of
Black Sheep Designs
will be the organizers of this event for Chris Masci.
He is in one of these pics... and the guy behind all of these shows i am into.
(see photo in the middle here.).

Next up:
Nope. you are not seeing double.
i just have trouble not repeating things.
perhaps this is why my post lengths are longer than i might need for them to be.
this is Michelle and Kelly.
we met last year at
Cabin Fever.
they knit.
they crack me up.
they are darling.
they have an envious friendship.
I have oodles of splendid friends in my life.
most of my friends are not as close to me as
these two funny chicks are to one another.
i am too much of a homebody.
they leave their homes and hang out to knit.
{i used to have that friend. we would walk around Cambridge MA for exercise, talking, etc.
go to Jeanne's home after and knit while drinking Raspberry Tea.
after enough of that in the mornings, we would go eat Indian food or Mexican.
pretty much anything went if there was a spot of orange in the decor.
Jeanne is a gifted painter and lives in southern France with her significant other, Alain.
i got married and had 3 kids and a few quirky careers.}

so i see my girls at KNIT HAPPENS, and miss my youth.
they have made things come together as they had families...
and kept their friendship intact, growing and knitted all the while.
Now they have 4 kids and 2 hubbies and some pretty grandly styled knitted things.
you can just tell how warm their hearts are, cause they keep others warm too.
it just emanates from them.

(michelle said i snapped the photo when she was being "fresh". i did not know what she had said until i edited the image. guess she was,
just a little. snick. still cute...)

let me introduce
the talent behind VINTAGE FUSS.

i am bad with names.
i forgot hers nearly instantly.
I am sooo sorry...
she gave it to me willingly more than once.
my forgetfulness is generally hormonally based.
this time it was sleep deprivation driven too.
please forgive me.

i do not deserve the glee she showered upon me.
she asked Kelly if she was wendy b.
thinking that she would be able to chat.
well of course she did. she is a nice woman.
i went and admitted to her who i was.
( poor kelly. saddled with wendy-ness unwittingly.
she was wearing a wendy necklace. a birthday gift from her friends. an honest mistake you know. )
i know you may be reading this... miss vintage fuss.
please leave your real name in the comments for my sad and forgetful memory to grasp at again.

anyways, she makes things with vintage elements.

i might be jealous in no time, should she keep going like gangbusters as she has been.
we have different styles, thank heavens.
but someday in the not distant future, i will be tweaking about why i did not think of the things she made.
they are cool.
i hope she is tolerant of me then.
i am sure to be a dodderin' old bat then
(a little more than right now i mean).

so here is a hearty thank you to some of the other vendors at CF'11.


my plan is to show some of the stuff that never made it to my store.
i am overdue on playing catch up.
the show ate up my life the past few weeks.
since i have a little more free time and a few $$
i have been sleeping a lot. not helpful to you, but better for me.

as always,
xoxo. wendy.

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