Thursday, March 10, 2011

i am trying.

i write a lot of different things down everywhere.
i lose pieces of paper on my lap.
i constantly move things and sort and file and move again.
then lose them.

i have a friend in toronto, canada.
she and i are almost in step with ideas of a jewelry and family lifestyle mode.
many of our experiences are different starting of course with our nationalities.
a tolerance for crappy weather.
some athleticism (she runs, i bead)

not to bore you to death, but we seem to be able to communicate
about jewelry.
costume pieces
simple sometimes.
more often eye boggling.
always a little eccentric.
almost always in shorthand.
on occasion, i get a little email.
or a note scrawled on her son's artwork.
we really do see eye to eye.
this is a treasure for me.

so this week, i felt a little unplugged.
i could not understand what she was trying to inform me about.
i think it was a mental deficit on my part.
i had been with my kids for not one, but two overlapping
needless to say,
i was not on that joyous child free break.
as a matter of fact, due to the snow and other weather or health related events,
the darlings have been only in school 4 days a week max. since the year turned over.

this has halted creative productivity.

however i was able to put the non-child interrupting
thinking cap on yesterday.
this is what i was able to make for my friend.
we both needed it.

it is called treasure island.
i need a vacation soon.
can you tell?

above is the elegant solution to dreams of a tropical isle.
vacation and warmer care-free times.
just in time for my pal's visit to

below is an enlarged look at the hanging stuff.
it is all vintage,
and making me feel extra lucky.
i kept losing those faux coral branches over and over
for days.

and this is my favorite pic ...
two loves for me in one compact photo.
also my nascent
photoshop skills are in effect.
sniff sniff, so proud here!

clearly, it is well past my bed time.
night night world.

xo. w.

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