Wednesday, March 16, 2011

may i use this location to visit my sins publicly?
i forgot something yesterday.
not in the "oh nuts, i forgot to get toothpaste while i was out" category.
this was a juicy lapse of memory.

i forgot completely, that my son was due to have his second set of wisdom teeth extracted.

the folks at the hospital...

we have been down to one vehicle for months.
my brain has been out to lunch for as least as long.
usually, i rely on those annoying little prompts:
1. nagging family
2. nagging future patient
3. nagging sense of having forgotten something.
4. dr. office reminder.

the phone was on silent .
the dog did not care.
i never transferred the info from the paper on the fridge to the calendar 2 1/2 feet away.
the boy forgot too.
the memory of the first pair's extraction may have been influential.
all in all, a perfect storm of forgetfulness.

mind you, i took nearly a year to get daughter #1 to have her teeth extracted.
they canceled not one, but FOUR such appointments for her.
I think it just seemed as if i was experiencing ghost cancellations.
like they had happened and i felt their pain, but they really had not happened.

so i am gonna spend some time repeating the following mantra:
JUNE 8th. JUNE 8th. JUNE 8th.
and JUNE 8th.
all over again.

No matter what or where we are, including a possible high school graduation date,
college girl's household re-entry,
show for selling my jewelry...
we will really be at this hospital.
3 yrs of braces and wisdom teeth growing in sideways
are in conflict.
as is the opportunity to have it done with our health insurance coverage.

i hope that i can do this properly on round two.
if not, there will be no round three.
there is no more forgiveness alloted to this venture.

and so goes today.
wince. groan. whine.
imaginary face slap.

time to stock the fridge/freezer with special goods again.
it's always something...
(roseann rosannadanna)


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