Saturday, March 12, 2011

treasure island and too.

i love making stuff.
i love people asking me to do it for them.
it makes my innards swell in a good way.
sometimes, my version of what someone asks for is just fine.
other times it is off base.
either by a little or a huge amount.
ultimately, my goal is to make the request fit a dream or a vision.
this usually depends on a free form interpretation of rough notes on the subject.
it doesn't always happen the first time through..
so i try things over and over 'til i get what i think is satisfying.

three times through is about my maximum tolerance for anything.
then i need to start completely afresh on a completely different design.
some ideas are worth a second try.
i get to fall in love while making things.
i am not so stubborn to ignore someone else's ideas
when i get to try them out with my own spin on them.
when this happens and think i need a copy for my own self.
my goal is to make make a faithful copy.
i really try my best.
rarely does the second piece match the first.
sometimes it grows and morphs into something a little better.
anyways, i made a necklace for my friend.
i wanted it.

so i tried it all over again.
i offer both to her... and hope that one of the pieces match the original idea.

then a third idea starts.
it seems like i can get stuck in a loop like the movie
"Groundhog's Day".
everything starts with the same entire notion, but little tiny changes are added in and built upon.
There is a request for a 3rd try on this... but i am going to sleep on it.

i have hopes that this can be resolved in a snap.
if it isn't, i get to wear both necklaces until a decision is made.
i like these win-win situations.
if i do a third variation, then it is time to list on etsy.
my virtual home away from home.

now if i could only figure out how to get that etsy store widget on this blog-site.


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