Wednesday, March 30, 2011

foodie that i am...

this seems to have been quite a week for me outing myself.
i am sharing a lot of stuff about who i am and how i got to be this way.
i think that i ought to cut it out, but it feels so damn good to just ramble.

it could be that it is really late.
or a bit early by other standards.
either way, it is not time to eat.
boy oh boy do i think i want to.

what caused this notion that 5 a.m. is the perfect time to nosh, is a pretty dish
in one of my favorite colors.
it was shown on poppytalk, the fantastic blog.

this celadon dish is a stunning thing to my eyes.
it is shown filled with rice krispie treats.
ones made for grown-ups.
i am not sure that i am an adult yet, in spite of my
stinking looking sofa that was purchased brand new
having paid off a college loan years ago
and other assorted things that suggest age.

i am a food snob.
that sexy, luring dish was filled with a confection i never would have constructed as a child.
i have like all new yorkers of a certain guilty,funny, self-loathing
woody allen movie appreciating
(mostly the early movies though),
seinfeld show quoting
been through therapy.
the best result of all of this introspection is that now
i can now enjoy reading 'people' magazine in public
as well as
gobble up some groovy rice krispie treats.

making them incites incredible joy for my youngest child.
the boy is trying his best to be too cool to admit to such glee.
i dare not taunt my husband, cause this new variation for grown folk is based on the familiar
melted margarine, rice krispies, and marshmallow trifecta.
it is not and never will be good for his healthy living style.
It requires using the well appreciated, under utilized charms of
Buerre Noisette.

this is the delicate melting, allowing foam to develop and ultimately stirring into a pale golden
butter form where the butter solids have dropped down and caramelized.
i tell ya.
this is mixed with the marshmallow part and then
combined with the krispies.
tiny bit of kosher salt is sprinkled in.
this is something like the fad for caramels with salt and bittersweet chocolate with salt.
i think that the entire recipe needs to be investigated heavily.
and i am just the foodie that has been saving my gorgeous
large flakes of sea salt for such an occasion.
these oceanic salty bits only come out when i pan sear some skirt steak in my cast iron grill pan.
yep, i am that kind of foodie.
good thing the cholesterol police are not always looking.

so i bid you adieu,
while i go back to lick the spatula.
i am fantasizing about the cashews and chocolate to be added next time.

mmmmmm. the excitement alone may do me some harm.


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