Tuesday, April 5, 2011

mother nature's real name is Lucy.

i have been in a funk recently.
i could not understand why or how long i might have to endure it.
it has been coming on for a bit.
i have to wonder how senile i am already.
i totally forgot that i get this way every year.
some folks combat this with the joy of a lamp.
it is a specialty item.
one that is used for folks with a touch or a bad case of seasonal disaffective disorder.
if i had to guess, i think i have a hefty dose of that going on.

in reality, my base of operations is southern new england.
this means, it is an area that has all the joys of
weather changing at the drop of a hat.
we tend to say around here, if you don't like the weather, stick around.
it will be totally different in five minutes.
however it is more like vermont or maine this year.
huge dumpings of snow.
eventual rain on top of snows to create ice.
in all of its treacherous, yet beautiful forms.
with this, i have been happy to just put on a thick and well loved sweater to wander
through my neighborhood with my dog
for some bonding time.
and generally get out of the house.
this serves as a great exercise mechanism some days.
the bottom line is that i hate winter.
everyone else here is fine with it.
i find it very inconvenient.
the huge piles of plowed snow are troubling for movement.
the grey light is depressing.
pretty much any of the wintry actions, are dead weight to me in the post holiday season.

i try to last.
i try not to get too excited by the first tender crocuses poking from beneath the snow blankets.
i try not to believe when the weather says it will be 57 degrees and sunny tomorrow.
i try to weather the ridiculous near freezing rains.
i try to withstand drivers having pre-mature spring driver as they wheel around town.
i try not to snap because i am grumpy.
i try to have patience waiting for real Spring to arrive.
i really try all sorts of strategies to make it til
serious Spring arrives.

the weather is gonna switch channels a few more times until my dream temp arrives.
in my waiting, i am gonna feel just like
Charlie Brown.
I can feel it in my bones,
Mother Nature is gonna mess with me many more times before my comfort zone is achieved.
she will be the LUCY to my CHUCK.
she will pull that damn football out from under me again and again.
just as i am about to try to kick it.
and yes, i know i shall fall on my stupendous tush
over and over
and over again.

Nice to meet you for reals Lucy.
you get me every time.


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