Wednesday, April 27, 2011

time to tally the day

i am a woman of a certain age. i delicately try to live my life in good spirits. unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, sometimes this is NOT possible. it is related to my father's X chromosome donation. pretty much all of my girlie issues i can lay at his feet. i only know this because i have a half sister and she has all the same weird things go on. 
please, do not misunderstand my statement as anything other than i am getting older and just a little weirder. it happens as folks age. so here is my line-up for today:
1}hot flashes happened. i was sweaty and uncomfortable. it was only 76 degrees out and i  wasin a t-shirt feeling WAAAARM. 
2} i am on day 7 of a cold. it has been doing odd things to me all week. i had no visible symptoms for days, but wanted to itch both of my ears simultaneously with drill bit shaped cotton swabs that could easily meet in the middle of my already scrambled brain. (last summer one of my ears got clogged and i had to go to an ENT. i seriously considered running away to the bahamas with him. not that he asked. ok, not that he would have even noticed i was considering this either.) 
in addition to the itchy ears, the sore throat, the watery eyes, the snuffling, etc. all are making me pissy. now the past two days have held me hostage with nose blowing and the obvious signs of extreme x-game gale force winds moving through my sinuses. my face center area is red from all the blowing. frick. 
i want this gone, cause the only thing left to gift me with is more significant dry skin and chapping of lip/nose areas. i am not all that pretty to withstand these inflammations well. 
i am realistic about this. 
3} while making dinner pasta, i poured out the extra boiling water over the colander. having done this task a gazzillion times before, i managed to have a small tsunami flow up and out of the deep sink to hit my abdomen. i actually burned the front of my belly. this totally insulted me and hurt like hell. my son took pity on me and made an ice pack for the spots affected. i was so taken with his speedy kindness, that i bought him some overstock marshmallow peeps when i later went to get my long suffering, hungry dog some food at the supermarket. 
i just want to say, pink peeps have an aftertaste. i think i like yellow ones much better. i actually prefer the idea of making my own marshmallows and dunking them in raw sugar to fully rot my teeth out of my head. at least they will taste really yummy. and by now you know i am deeply and profoundly interested in yummy. 
4} i have to blow my nose again. dammit. 

on the other side of stuff.... several superior things happened. 
5} i made a deal to make a necklace for a woman that gives me free and gorgeous press on her blog. i do not really think my jewelry is all that, but sometimes others do. and i am most grateful for that when it happens!
check out her blog posting in which she says really nice things... i am not all that immodest, but i really appreciated that she did such a kind thing for me. 

she included these two necklaces 
Angela Rose

Brandy, you're a fine girl...

 so brenda sue and i are gonna collaborate on a nifty necklace design. she will send me some of her coolio  metal findings and perhaps some ice resin poured stuff. i will see how i can best put them together into a crazy necklace for her. it promises to be quite a different look for both of us. 
i will keep you updated on things as the happen. i am totally psyched!

6} one of my earlier customers, izzy, is a personal chef based in Malaysia. she sent me a link to her website that she recently updated. her update included a copy of her advertisement in HARPER'S BAZAAR.... the Malaysian edition. 
she is a gorgeous woman inside and out, who has a career as a personal chef. when not cooking for high end clients and royals (i think i need to fantasize this one in, if it isn't true...), she is tripping all over the world. she might be a new heroine for me. 
anyways, her interview for an advert in the magazine is for H.MuMM champagne. 
check this out:

this stunning and talented woman is sporting a necklace that i made for her. 
i am so verklempt. 

ok, so the good over whelms the crap today. just thought i could let you know that as miserable as i am personally and to be around, 
I KNOW... that i am extra lucky. 
in almost every way imaginable. 

nighty night  all...


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