Tuesday, April 19, 2011

worst student ever

i am the worst kind of student ever to exist. my mind is both coated with teflon or some material like it OR it is thirstier than it has a right to be.
when i am driving my jalopie,
listening to details of life from the inhabitantants in the back seat of my car,
thinking about what to have for dinner,
where can i find the groceries i need to make it with,
where is the store that is closest to where i am now,
how much time will it take to get to point b from point a,
how much money will it take to feed the hungry hornets ,
is this a one way street going the other way?
and does my bank account support my hankerings?
well this is the teflon coated moment supreme.
one extra question from the peanut gallery may tip the system into an overload condition.
this will cause me to have to re-boot my unweildy mental cache.
starting it all over again takes time and inevitably i forget something vital to the masse.

and then of course, the whole crazy mother lode can be in full
lust for knowledge mode.
i want to know how to set a rivet,
make a flourless cake, that will hold up to be served 6o miles away,
how can i upholster my disagreeably derelict sofa ?
what do i need to get to paint some furniture just the right color and finish?
what does a Thai open air market look like ?
is it hugely different than the ones in Italy or France or Sweden?
and why do the lights of the aurora borealis flicker and dance so ?
yes, it is a great big balancing act.

ordinarily, on a day such as tomorrow , i would be flipping out to bake a cake and my standard macaroons for our generously extended invitation to a seder. unfortunately, i am growing lazier and older daily. i do not feel like i want to bake all day. what i shall do instead is make a master batch of macaroons and dress them up differently than i usually do. no one, including me needs all the lusciousness of coconut to slither into my body as well as several other fattening desserts. after the table is spread courtesy of my incredible cousin laura and the formal part of the celebration is led by her kind husband danny (which is loosely corralled chaos with some religious overtones) , i will be just worn out.
i have a load of tasks to do in prep for this day and night. one is to bring large packing boxes to my daughter so that she may move home from college for the summer. loads to do, not enough time.
good thing my little widget is gonna help me make some macaroons when we both shuffle out of our sleepy worlds.
i can also finish cleaning the fridge out. i started but there just was not enough oomph in my system to finish and do another load of dishes as well as laundry.
so until manana, when the macaroons and riesling are flowing...
i shall bid you adieu.
for the night.

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