Saturday, April 9, 2011

surfing on the internet... shoes found.

surfing the internet... generally, what a joy!
i can find all sorts of cool things.
often i am tempted to borrow photos,
and i always try to publish the credits for those images if i can.
sometimes, it is just not possible.
sometimes there is no info for the pics to let the world know where i got them from.

this evening,
i was following the hugely talented jenny doh's facebook posting.

it featured a class that she took.
of course i needed to follow those bread crumbs...
it was a class on making cloth shoes.

in one day, she made these:


just what i need... another obsession?
a shoe making class?
NO, please do NOT tempt me again to follow yet another new interest.
somehow,these become things that i have to learn as much as possible about.
before i know it, ten years has passed by.
and no, i cannot afford the plane fare to ITALY or FRANCE.
i mean really, if you are gonna want to make cool shoes, it sure is where to learn how.
or so i thought.

there is a very clever woman
i think her name is:
Jessica Haley.
she makes patterns for cute little shoes that she designs for little people.
her etsy store is:
every damn thing in this store is adorable.

worse yet, she has a more detailed full website:

and gasp, a blog too!

all i can say is that i am thrilled that my kids are too big for most of her clever little shoes.
the photos of her products and the child models are just lusciously captured.
i would spend time in therapy for not being able to match the standard set before me,
if i were to embark upon this notion
(i am going to try to restrain myself when the opportunity for another awful pun comes along).

I FEAR that
i might also be covered in small scraps of fabric
and trims like a human piece of vecro.
i would look similar to a suessian or george booth style cat lady,

only i would be covered with textile and trim detritus.
i can see it a little too clearly in my mind's eye.
it would not be good to travel down this path.
so i will try to use a little restraint.
i can just surf and watch the joyous efforts of folks who are successful with their obsessions.
i try to step into their vision
and i try to live vicariously.
dare i pun in supersize here?
step into their shoes for a lookie-loo?
{ok, had to get that outta my system.}

so here is the thing that hornswoggled me.
jessica, the shoe goddess of little itty bitty feet has her own forms of inspiration.
she used this palette of photos found here on her blog...

if you go to the blog, all the credits are there.
almost all the credit and links to the original images are too.
i will give you a couple of hints about one of them.
the upper left hand image IS MINE!!!

she used a photo i took of one of my flowery grab bags
that i sell in my store
you know i am blushing madly
and it is not a hot flash this time.

these are the little kiddie boots that she designed with her "inspiration pics"
figuring in someplace.
as color therapy perhaps?
any babe should be thrilled to have her little tootsies popped into these.

i am so tickled by these ... they are part of the 28 day challenge that joyfolie has going on.
more details on her blog.
for all i know it may be over...
still, i really love the whole group of teensy shoes for soft, flexible babies' feet.

i think i need say nothing more on this topic.
i could be in deep kimchee if i let out too much info about my interest in shoes.
ok, the chase for shoes, it used to consume me.


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