Thursday, December 9, 2010

Balancing Act

Everyone is over subscribed these days. Plain and simple.
I see folks who cram art and living into every small crevice of their living.
I wish that I could be more productive in this way.
Maybe I am being too hard on myself...
or maybe it is just that there is not enough room to live all the things that I want to.
If tasks are accomplished to a certain internal expectation level, then they seem to be done.
Not everything is up to that personal level some times.

My son had his first pair of wisdom teeth extracted yesterday.
He was enthusiastic and prepared for the experience.
That was on the way in.
Novacaine helped on the immediate exit from the hospital.
That was temporary at best. I knew what fresh hell he was in for.
He was feeling a little cocky at this point.
We got home where i tucked him onto the sofa with a movie and an ice pack for the swelling.
By this point one of his dimples had disappeared from swelling.
I knew what would come next.
Rushing to get prescriptions filled, I forgot the gauze pads on the way home.

In that hour of shuttling the boy home,
getting his meds , ice cream and returning to the nest,
a rather helpless moaning person had moved into his body.
The joy of being the caregiver.
The joy of seeing predictable reactions.
The joy of seeing someone you love in pain.
It can be truly disenchanting.
Eventually, dinner happens, dishes are done, multiple ice packs are made and changed out, ice cream is scooped out... and exhaustion takes hold.
After a good 6 hrs of sleep, the boy has erupted into a more manageable patient.
That and a second trip to the pharmacy for more comfort items, gauze pads,
a magazine for me ( i think i deserve anything to take my mind off of things),
a fresh cup of coffee, a nap and a new movie... I can see the seeds of recuperation in hand.

thank heavens.

while under the cloud of this experience, I tried to fit some shipping, taking new pics of older jewels, editing those pics, listing a necklace for my etsy store, and walking the ignored dog...
Life begins to resume its normalcy.
Perhaps the following pictures will tempt someone to make a holiday gift giving experience more attractive as I continue to work on my delicate balancing act.

thank you for looking in.
xoxo .w.


  1. Wow the jewelry is superb. Oh the joys of mother hood. I had the same experience with my daughter taking her into hospital and being her carer for the day there when she had her wisdom teeth extracted. Picture a 19yr girl sitting in her mums lap crying and sobbing whilst the pre meds took effect. They do get over it.!!

  2. i know... there is light at the end of the tunnel. i just dislike seeing my son so uncomfortable. i also prefer to not have to be so hands on. i would enjoy his sleeping through the discomfort more.
    thank you for your compliments too. it keeps me moving along...

  3. I hope your son is well on the way to mended now. I found you via Cathe, and am so glad I did. Can so relate to your comment about being over-subscribed. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. <3