Saturday, December 18, 2010

ho. Ho. HO. pre-holiday jitters

It has been quite a slippery and fast flying week. I apologize for not sharing things properly... i feel like i am living within a silly sitcom.
Since it is very late now, forgive how my sensibilities are a little bit loopy ,please?

So much to report on... the boy for any of you who may be waiting on tenterhooks for news (yeh, sure you are...)... well he is just fine. back to crusty bread, pushing my limits and torturing his little sister. consistency is where he is at.
just as things are looking up, no dry socket seems as if it is occurring, the boy took up smoking for about two puffs. my reaction was so irate, that he lost his ipod for many days. on the up-side, he has finished his time sensitive job application for next summer. i suggest that he do this as he may lose his spot in the job program if he doesn't. Now all we need is for him to finish up with his college applications. as many of you may know, this is a very stressful process. i am getting very little sense that he is feeling that pinch. we shall see.

Later this week, i had a weird day. i shall report on this and all of the repercussions. it merits its own posting.

And just how did i miss out on having a coffee with one of my favorite people? so stretched, i misread the time... and screwed up my timeline to meet her. ugh.

End result of dealing with many grinched out folks... was a small ember of joy just burning slowly and surely in my heart. i am truly grateful for so many things. here is a short manageable list:

1. eldest child home from college.
2. eldest child came home on the train and i did not have to drive to boston to bring her home.
3. because i looked so shabby to others this week, i took the lock off of my pursestrings and bought a wonderful green blouse. i can't wait to wear it and look less yucky.
4. made a very nice necklace this week for a friend of mine... and i will get to see it in action at her party tomorrow night.
5. party tomorrow night.
6. found last copy of vogue knitting from this past fall. Now i have 3!!! patterns i want to knit. I have not had much interest in this for a few years. I think that between these patterns and perhaps making some socks i may feel cozier this winter.
7. i even feel like sewing again! the creative juices feel less stodgy and stuck suddenly.
8. i applied to get into a show in february. perhaps i will manage this experience based upon the last year, a whole lot better. this is of course if i make the grade to be admitted to the juried show.
9. dinner the other night with roasted chicken, smashed red potatoes and pan roasted white asparagus (sale on this for 3 bunches at a buck each made me want to try it). i charred it a bit in a cast iron pan with a little olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar. All in all , it was the tastiest meal i have made for a long time. the key is now to buy the koshered chickens at whole foods.
two nights of food was $18. the grand total price per inmate was roughly $2.25 and freaking delish. none of the crazies here had anything to whine about. this is very unusual.
10. i visited a couple of friends at their store today and was able to score a great gift for someone i love.
i can't wait to hang out with these two lovely ladies in january and do some promotional work with them. i am sure it will not feel like work, but more like a good giggle and some crafting. their warmth fuels my heart.

It seems like a good time to make a cup of tea and watch masterpiece theater. it's a repeat, but i am very forgetful. the show is as good the second time around...

night night.

earrings from this week. btw...

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