Wednesday, December 1, 2010

if only all my pennies had flowers...

I am sort of addicted to surfing the web.
Yeah, you heard me. One of my things to do is look into many of the etsy related blogs. Through one of these, I found the most adorable blogger, Cathe Holden. There is NOTHING that she can't seem to do. Her first post that I read was a tutorial for making small inexpensive gift bags with really cute graphics. Needless to say, I wanted to make them but reading about her other ideas distracted me and kind of took over rational thought. The following link is to the directory of things that the graphic genius has to offer for those of us headstrong design junkies, by this I mean dj's that can enjoy periodic instructions.

Truly I would love to make a lot of the things in that directory, but once I hit on the penny pendants with Meyercord decals, I was fixated. I collected all the stuff needed to make the pendants with and found the decal sheets at a nearby consignment store.
I waited til all of my family was asleep one night so i could start the project.
I taped a bunch of pennies to a board and drilled them with a drill press. Older pennies made only from copper were nicer since they had no little ring of nickel showing through. Now that is just a personal picky issue. These are so damn cute once the glaze and decals are applied, nobody would ever quibble about this.

these are what they looked like when
they were just out of the oven with their little protective coating of glaze material had been applied and heated.

Somewhere on Cathe's blog, she has a general request for photos of things made from her instructions. I wrote to her and let her know I was over the moon happy with having made some penny pendants.
I then was able to load the images of my penny
projects onto her flickr group for people like me.
As gracious as Cathe was to encourage my pennies joining in with other cool projects, she told me that she was liking some little bendywho necklaces made using the pendants. Now one of them is winging its way to her home somewhere over the design rainbow.

As our email conversations went along, I thought... whee! I want Cathe to give one of these little charm necklaces away to one of her many talented readers. Heck, it is the season of giving after all!
Cathe agreed to do this giveaway on her site and when that time is clearer, it will be all over facebook.

This one is
for Cathe on the left.
The one below is for the blog giveaway.
(i still have no control over where i position my photos... sorry folks)

this is the whole bunch of the necklaces.
I will update things as soon as i know more
giveaway news.

These are exciting times!
thanks for looking in.


  1. I love what you are doing here so much so I have become one of your followers.

  2. thank you mrs. a... i hope i lead you somewhere good. xow.