Friday, December 3, 2010

how i spent my sunny day...

today was a wash. i rushed to meet a friend to drink coffee and catch up. it is a standing date, but sometimes life gets in the way.
this created a fortunate opening in my extremely over scheduled existence... ok, being a firm user of sarcasm, you should know this is a shot at myself.

i had really wanted to make things move a little forward a
nd that is impossible unless i take decent photos of my work. recently, everything feels out of whack and a little stale. so i played with some earrings and took advantage of the sunny daylight. if things go well, it may be a repeating work experience tomorrow... sun, snapping, styling and luck. all would be well ar
e a few of my photos that i liked. More on this learning curve tomorrow.

well that is about enough of this particular vanity... maybe tomorrow i will finish it off.
nighty night all... xow.

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