Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tickled Pink in Providence...

My kids have new word combos for everything. Of course myown parents might have said the same about kids in my own age bracket so very long ago, when i was similarly aged. If Fifty Cent were around then, i could have easily put my mom into her grave. She was busily flipping out then about that radical, James Taylor. oooh that Fire and Rain LP
gave her some good ranting juices.
Still, it is a sign both of the ages and of the times, that the same sort of stuff can make a parent scratch her/his head. Progress is rough on folks. Me sometimes in particular.

(Cathe's Penny Pendant to left)

Last weekend when my eldest child returned from college and was visiting in the most incommunicado method possible.... one foot in the house of her childhood and the other dancing with glee to the tune of her first semester outta here at college, we opted to go to Borders to read together. If she had nothing to chat about, then perhaps we ought to be like MEN. you know what i mean...
the way that they are most comfortable ...
spending time in barcaloungers with a drink at hand reading the newspaper.
NO TALKING is the best way of bonding for so many of them. I am not completely stupid. if my kid did not want to share with me intimately,
we would go into a public forum and share an experience that without divulging details would make
our time together commonly appreciated.
We got two of the comfy chairs and sat with our stack of reading materials.
Hers were mostly comic and manga related.
Mine were magazines about lifestyles and artistic sensibilities... the Stampington/Somerset collection.
As we were cozily reading, looking at pics and other self amusements...
a younger woman approached and claimed the seat next to me.
She point blankly asked me if I was a knitter.
She then flitted away to bring back some knitting magazines
( i wound up buying one, since the sweater on the cover was exactly what i need and have been looking for... ).
We chatted a bit and I admitted that I am a knitter, and have been passionately interested in the skills, design, and comraderie that its craft has afforded me over time.
Now this woman had no idea at all that I am a fallen knitter, nor did that matter terribly.
She was just looking for some company.
In a matter of a few rather disjointed conversations, she fell asleep in her chair. I fear that she is not a well person, but it was interesting to talk with someone with so much intensity, curiousity and intelligence. Unfortunately, I found that there was no way that I could have helped her other than to share with her the secrets of turning a heel on a sock (this is really magical too),
as she had her own up in her hands and off of her foot.
I have a little problem with folks. i do not always see when there is something more deeply wrong with them...
than the surface observations may allow me to deal with.
anyways, her friendliness and enthusiastic interest in things
allowed my daughter to share a term that is new to me.

It is "fan-girling".

Out of the mouth of my silent daughter...
writhing with the amusement of someone not in the "situation" i was in.
She thought I might have known this woman, since our conversation was so animated and on topic.
Of course I didn't.
More to the point, it seems my kid found that anyone could strike a conversation up with me and make it seem so personal and ooky at the same time.
It was totally funny to my kid and she shared with her siblings
that it was hilarious that i got fan-girled. Nice kid huh?

So this brings me to the point of this little off-topic posting (seriously, were you wondering where I was going if you were still reading by now?). I have integrated the phrase of my kids' age into my own ridiculously grey haired life and done a little "fan-girling " of my own. See the purpose of growing old is to refuse to learn new things. I know that I still have a moderately thirsty mind and am
more than willing to adopt some fresh ideas... ESPECIALLY when I can reciprocate and embarrass my kids with what was held dear to their furry hearts.
I can use their hip, rad lingo and for my own nefarious needs.

I am now fan-girling Cathe Holden She is a blogger who started out as a mom
and a graphic designer. She's got it all going on. So much so, that I snagged one of her ideas for a little penny pendant and made it my new best friend. The love is not stopping dead there. Cathe has a necklace for her own wearing, as well as the chance on her blog to give a
nother one away to a lucky commenter on her posting about this collaboration.

I implore you to take a look at her groovy blog and participate in the giveaway.
It is for the sake of the season, the ideas, the fun, the excitement and all else that this is going on.
Consider playing in her reindeer games if you will. It might be nice for you to have a little holiday love of your own.

thanks oodles... xow.


  1. WOW oh WOW, I adore your jewelry!!!!!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for winning the give-away on Just Something I Made!!


  2. I was too late for Cathe's contest but must say I got a kick out of your story. I have college aged girls so will have to ask about this term to learn more! I also have younger kids too and stay home with them so I pick up weird phrases and slang that I use in my gray (but colored) haired life too!

  3. i never could have guessed how popular that giveaway would be. It was so fun to watch... so keep your eyes peeled. maybe cathe will do another giveaway with me around valentine's day. if not, i will try one on my own.GULP.

    thanks so much for reading... weird phrases are more fun if you can use them and annoy your kids. i try my best to accomplish that task daily. i think it is how i got my grey hair to start with... competing with chilluns.