Sunday, February 26, 2012

laundry time.

i am groaning. 
it is laundry time again. 
that special place where my husband's helpfulness and reality meet the mat. 
he does the laundry. 
i have whinged on about this many times. 
if i want something really clean, i do it myself. 
and this means actually doing it. 
not sitting around waiting for the last possible moment that i can stall no longer. 
it is a task.. to launder all the blankets and curtains, but they are due. 
so i am gonna go for it. 
the real problem is that i am indecisive and broke. 
it feels a lot like the plot line of the children's book:

in my mind, if i wash the blanket on the sofa, 
then i should look at the exposed sofa cushions below. 
they are so dirty and gross
(use and dog ownership)...
that i need to replace their covers. 
how can i replace their covers, if i need two zippers... extra long...
and some cording to make the cushions' edge trim?
so if i need cord, then i need to get some at the fabric store. 
which is frightfully close to the crafting store. 
where i bought a can of paint that just did not work. 
so i need to return that. 
all this is a few miles away...
so if i am going that way anyways, 
i need two fresh spring loaded rods to hang the curtains in my son's room. 
he is coming home any moment for his spring break. 
if he needs his curtains hung, which i believe he does, 
then i need to rewash them. 
and here i come back to laundry. 
the events of the day, have now added up so high, that i am whipped. 
i want to take a nap on the sofa. 
the beginning all over again. 

but. i will try to make it work out alright. 
it is time consuming, 
but probably well worth it all. 

just one of the many loop-de-doos of my life of distractions. 

that and cookies. 

xo. w. 

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