Wednesday, February 15, 2012

mixed messages

sometimes i have a clear idea about what i want to say. 
i have no clarity tonight. 
now i am spending late night hours doing one of three things, 
or possibly all of them at one time. 
1} watching tv on my computer
2}  eating glazed animal crackers from Target. a buck a bag. tasty and all. 
3} waiting for paint to dry. 

during the thanksgiving break,
my son hitched the family tv up to a free netflix account. 
i still do not know how to use the console for that silly system. 
for unknown reasons, to see anything on the tv, you need to go through an x-box 
or some system for it to work. 
it is well above my paygrade to deal with the console, so computer it is. 

so i have been fully addicted to watching entire seasons of tv normally found on PBS or the BBC. 
if it comes down to it, i use my computer for watching these. 
the show is usually clearer on the computer screen and 
i like how immediate it is to watch there. 

"waking the dead" is one of my all time favorites. 
i was greedy and watched all of seasons 1, 2 and 5. 
what the heck happened to seasons 3,4 and 6 pray tell?
i am in serious withdrawal right now and nobody ought to cross me if they want to survive. 

the deep, gravelly voice with sardonic wit and eye contact  of Mike Rowe, from "Dirty Jobs",
also floats my boat. 
i kind of have a thing for Mike these days... so i needed to lay off of watching him for hours and hours. 
as i need constant entertainment, 
i have been watching "doc martin" episodes. 
he is definitely not charming, nor is he eye candy. 
the show entertains me enormously in spite of what my days are filled with. 
another successful digression into my addictive tv habit. 

what i am truly pacing myself for is the re-runs of 
"Downton Abbey"!!!!
can you hear me squealing with love all the way to where you are?
there was a short little snippet of a top ten list today. 
it was making its way around facebook, 
so i doubt that i would offend its creator if i could post it here. 
let's see if i am capable of some techno-wizardry. 
the real translation of this is letting the blog format do all the heavy lifting. 

{fingers are Crossed }.

here is granny... aka the dowager countess violet, 
played by the inimitable 
Maggie Smith. 
or as i need to dumb down when discussing with my almost 15 year old, 
Professor MacGonagle. 
cripes. gulp. whimper. weep. 
i really have tried to educate her properly... at least to the best of my ability. 
perhaps, she will understand yet who this Dame is?
i have some time and patience. 

i believe that number 8 is my favorite. 
or did i say that wrong?

she is remarkable. 
and a British Treasure. 


i only am eating the animal crackers because, 
hockey is still in season and there are upcoming lacrosse practices etc. to contend with. 
my baby is going to try out for the lacrosse team at her high school this year. 
i am all for that, but it requires more driving to and from practices. 
with all the chaos that her schedule creates, 
i still have not made any cookies this week. 
so there are only the pre-fab ones on hand right now. 
not that i need any extra calories to deal with. 


as for the crack about waiting for paint to dry. 
i am doing all else while i wait. 

part one:

part two

finally, i believe that the raisin will have recuperated from her 3 week chest cold. 
i feel she will be a whole lot more pent up from not having any exercise over the past couple of weeks. 
i have and still she will whomp my butt. 
this is not truly enjoyable. 
and more on this later. 

i am dropping off to sleep. 
must make it time to end today. 


oh yeah, happy valentine's day to one and all! 

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