Saturday, February 4, 2012

too tired to sleep. or is it excitement?

today was a very nice day. 
as a matter of fact, i was having a great time. 
it was sunny and mild out, so who could resist its ambient vitamin D supplement?

1} i met a store owner who had wanted to sell my jewelry in her cute new shop. 
there will be a "trunk show" next saturday. 
details will be fleshed out in the next few days. 

2} my travels included going to one of my favorite spots around, to look for new exciting components. 
i also made some headway in paying down what i owe on a machine i will be using for work.
i will be the proud owner of a looping machine. 
it is something that helps make loops as you may have guessed. 
these are the ones that are needed to create cool beaded chains. dangly charms and other fun doodads. 
the only thing that will restrain my glee in making cool chain, 
will be the bead selections i am able to use. 
the sky may well be a limit here.
i feel giddy as heck with anticipation.

3} i went the wrong way down a street next to my daughter's school, 
was entreated to supreme sarcasm by a cop, but no $85.00 ticket thankfully. 
quel schmuck. 
at least i won't do that again. 

4} the dog got walked on leash, and was relatively happy about that. 
(he could do with some skwirrel hunting form woodsy running around with other dogs)

5} tonight's dinner was already made, courtesy of yesterday's efforts. 
some serious yumminess here. 

6} i took a nice long nap this afternoon, it was friday after all. 

7} a necklace started last night was finished and a sister piece was made to go with that. 
i have no post holiday inventory to speak of
 and have just pushed a lot of flowery goodness out the door. 
any additions to my larder are seriously welcome. 
(i will be at sowa winter farmer's market on sunday!)

8} people around me are getting psyched for the joy of Valentine's Day. 
i might have to try to overcome my gazillion problems with that event this year. 
the list of issues deserves its own posting. 
it is a family nexus at the gates to hell i think. 
perhaps a time-link combination lock is opened and the gates are flung open
 for a myriad of personal tests. 

9} i may skip cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes tonight. 
how's that for thumbing my nose at responsibility?

10} my world has been stretched and reconfigured greatly. 
i am a virtual card carrying netflix fan. 
my new addiction includes watching one or two, 2 part episodes of 
"Waking the Dead". 
not only is it a really well done series by the BBC, 
but it stars TREVOR EVE.
he is amazing. 
the rest of the ensemble is super as well. 
no ads, no dumbing down, swell writing and wonderful acting. 

like i said. it was a nice day. 

tomorrow, will be a day for flowers. 
i am hopeful that next week will be less action packed.

xoxo. w.

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