Friday, April 20, 2012

the new math

excuse me while i speak about my confusion. 
i do not understand the new math. 

we did take-out falafel sandwiches for dinner last night. 
i love falafel. 
it does NOT love me. 
that being said, i checked my calendar to find when i next had to be out in the world. 
it was clear.
i could enjoy the love of a good middle eastern repast.
to sweeten that experience, 
my husband was going to spring for the joyous meal.

he has a little thing going on though. 
his truck is for all purposes and practicality 
and wasting gas in a way that no-one should ever be exposed to.
it remains in our driveway most of the time. 
there is a series of towns/cities that he has in his mental rolodex...
they may be alpha-numerically organized or not. 
all of these are places that he will be arrested,
 if he is pulled over for driving this nasty automotive.
this would be a bad thing to have him continue
to recuperate from hernia surgery in a jail cell. 
even if i got a break from the ad hoc nursing process. 

so the result of these unlikely things is that he is scrimping like it is
 'the great depression'. 
oh wait, it is.
(repeat my mantra... two kids in college...ohmmmmmm)

it is one of the most depressing financial times in our generation.
the appearance is not the first and most memorable one from my grandparents age.
still, the economy is not booming and it should be.
this is the greatest place on earth to live.

regardless of this opinion,
i strive daily to earn some shekels on my own from my jewelry making habit/biz. 
i prefer not to share the exact amount with hubby
 'cause i will then have to hand it over to our dear and personal  friends at national grid. 
(they totally suck if you must know. like the big wazoo. really, really suck.)

i still need to feed this posse, 
finance good eating through straighter teeth, 
put gas in the car
 (seriously??? $3.99 a gallon. 
why are you holding back... should be $4.00. we know it is all political bullshit.
and even infants know that it is a sham.)
let's not even tap into the requirements of the fashionistas of the house. 
they need some clothing. 
 i am resistant to sharing all of my wealth
 'cause double spending it in all its glorious meagerness
 is not gonna save this economy. 

so chris is saving for a new (to him) old truck. 
this means that i am required to help him face his days
and freakishly unexpected offers
with wifely support and good cheer.
even if he volunteers to take care of paying for the takeout, 
i know i will be paying for some part of it. 
i chose to give him $10. to defray the costs. 
he had grimaced when i asked to get some soda to go with the sandwiches. 
he whined at the child when she asked for chicken. 
did she want something less expensive ?

how is it that the two of them can sit "side by each"* on the sofa,
say the exact same snarly thing, 
and bond watching "grey's anatomy" reruns...
and not understand that she basically does not eat what we like. 
if she asks for chicken... GIVE IT TO HER. 
she is building her body for adulthood. 
and they use real chicken at that resto. 

my head hurts.  

here is where the math comes in. 
i said $10.00.

he took $20. 

this is my change. 
from a bottle of coke. 
some chicken fingers. 

this is the new math right?
i was down with the old math. 
this is not making me really happy, if you know what i mean. 

off to take pics of my latest pins, earrings and necklaces... etc. 
april showers bring mayflowers. 
i am sticking to it no matter what really happens from global warning. 
i mean global warming. 

can you tell my coffee wasn't strong enough this morning?
i should be chewing on beans to survive.

happy friday.

* side by each is a traditional rhode island saying.
just go with it.
this is an introduction into how this state thinks and expresses itself.
side by side is the translation. 


  1. Oh how I love your humor!
    I have long given up on math and just think, when I lose money... "Well, that's giving and giving is good energy to put out there that I'm sure will come back to me in some gracious form or another."

    Maybe he will take to someplace fancy with that new truck? :)

    1. shanny,
      i totally love you to pieces. you send out so much good energy. i decided that when brimfield rolled around this may, i would get a fresh vintage jewelry box to house the beautiful earrings you sent me. i love them and enjoy the hell out of them. i know they are just a weensie part of the core of a very, very good woman, mother, artist, daughter, and all else that is feminine, smart and kind.
      thank you sweetie.