Monday, April 16, 2012

it has been a while.

where have i been?
i genuinely have no answer. 
just been busy doing stuff. 

i definitely had my usual end of the winter blues this year. 
they always creep up on me and kick me in the chops. 
if money was no object,
 any location with pale blue green waters would take care of the problem. 
it is not in the cards these days. 
thank heavens for pinterest and an option to look at some faraway places that i can dream about. 

unexpectedly, i have also been working on a MADONNA sort of thing. 
i am speaking of the rock version, not the religious mother. 
when she married Guy Ritchie and moved to England, she developed some funky,
faux british accent. 
it had her normal mid-western one mixed up with other some things that were loathsome to hear. 
Nobody liked it... and everyone thought she had become some kind of poseur.
this for Madonna was not good.
her thing is to be true to herself.
heaven knows that she has spent many a year indulging in that.

my look at it is that when you are surrounded with something, it may tend to rub off on you. 
purposefully or not. 
one never can tell from the outside looking in. 
what i have been doing, that brings this to mind, is watching a LOT of British t.v..

it came about in the usually convoluted way. 
my son traded some of his less used stuff via craig's list. 
he had worked for my husband doing demolition work on a job site.
 his payment for his services was used to purchase a go-kart.
neither the boy nor his father included me in this decision.
they never do, since i suspect that they erroneously assume i am going to say no.
they underestimate my sensibilities and me.
(however i will make the point that the only reason i have ever been in a hospital was for childbearing).
on the other hand both of my guys have so many visits racked up... that i am always forced to pick up their carefree pieces.

back to the go-kart...
it was not just a crate of a box with wheels,
but an honest to goodness metal-framed,
motorized, noisy, gas guzzling, low to the ground,  automotive event. 
it pretty much had a finite shelf life
(aka interest span).
it was one that took a couple of years and absorbed space in our garage.
i kept my mouth shut, since it also scared the hell out of me.
this requires keeping my mouth closed...
(my fellas do not need to be validated.)
after being too busy to use it often enough,
the boy chose to try to offload it to someone who might be able to drive it  more. 

he got money and an x-box in this trade. 
for a brief period, he enjoyed playing video games with it. 
for whatever reason, he took advantage of a free one month membership to netflix. 
he went back to college and left me with a beginning addiction to british tv. 
i started watching shows from their first episodes all the way to their cliff-hanging conclusions. 
my first one was "Waking the Dead".
it only had 3 seasons that  i could get. 
still, it is so yummy and fun for a mystery junkie such as myself,
that i relished every morsel imaginable. 

i spread to watching MI-5.
a show dedicated to the spies in Britain that keep terror attacks in check and deal with some crazy situations that could chill my soul to the bone... that is if i were to take them seriously. 
some of it was just so campy, making it all the more fun to watch. 

also, i watched the entire collection of shows that were available from Doc Martin to Inspector Lewis to  Wire in the Blood. 
i now have many new actors that i could follow to the ends of the earth. 
Hermione Norris, Robson Green, Trevor Eve, Martin Clunes and more. 
They all have such varied accents within the UK spectrum... 
it is hard for me not to try one on with my family as guinea pigs. 
hence, a big looping story later, i am trying not to sound as weird as Madonna
 in her odd hybridized accent. 

there is plenty else to report on, should that vaguely pique your interests. 
i have been away from  netflix  today. 
i like to call it my Britflix addiction. 
so i shall leave you with  a small collection of pics of stuff i have made of late. 
this is the tip of the iceberg. 
it has been a big push to make things. 
so many more things to do before i get myself polish ready for show season,
  as it begins again in earnest. 
this means, my own efforts selling what i make, as well as flea marketing. 
that is one hand washing the other. 
i cannot wait for it all to get off of the ground. 

here is a small peek at recent constructions... and a quick cheerio.
i am headed off to try sleeping or to watch an episode of 
Midsomer Murders. 

i realize that my affection for things blowing up, people/characters meeting with unsavory ends, 
and all things within a british accent...on netflix is out of style and step with my overwhelming flowery 
but there it is... an incongrous woman hard at work. 


a group of single flower
 and beaded chain  necklaces. 

then there are the dutch garden necklaces

aka, who needs a good manicure...

earrings:  gypsy caravans, flower drops and posts. 

well i spoke too soon. it is bedtime for bonzo. 
my eyelids are at half mast. 

night night. 

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