Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the smell of testosterone, ice hockey and hair gel

ok, no debate about my shallowness. 
i can't be honest and consider myself a deep thinker under some situations. 
sometimes things show up that are very off my usual path 
and seem to overwhelm me.

recently, my husband had hernia repair surgery. 
it meant i was to do all the lifting for a while. 
not a problem. 
we also have a smart ass 15 year old daughter. 
she is funny and witty and sometimes even so dramatic, 
she gets loopy from the highs and lows. 

it is also the end of the ice hockey season. 
(imagine a ticker tape parade in your mind and you get an inkling of how happy this makes me.)
so hubby dearest assumed that Tess would enjoy going to a P-Bruins game with him. 
she likes to say she is the son that my hubby never had. 
graham dislikes this regular jibe. 
can't say i blame him, 
but it IS kind of funny everytime she says it. 
unfortunately, tess did not really want to go. 
she had experienced a horrific week of teen aged angst plus
the regular day to day high school crap. 
her mind was settling in for some netflix reruns of chick tv and
slothful life in sweatpants. 

in a split second, my husband saw that his assumption could be altered. 
he saw that he had a chance to rope me in too. 
would i like to go to the P-Bruins game?

i did not want to go, 
but i did feel keeping an eye on him was still warranted. 
this is also as close as a date that we can manage these days. 
so all three of us put on our big girl panties and left to go to the game. 
tess went only because i made her go. 
hubby had no idea that we had struck this agreement. 
he is a lot better off not knowing too much around here. 

we parked across the highway and walked the two blocks to the venue. 

"the dunk"
(short for the Dunkin' Donuts Center),
 as it is affectionately known, is a wonderful place to view a game.
we have been many times. 
it is pretty clean, 
has more junk food than one can imagine 
and serves
Dunkin' Donuts coffee. 
a mere $4.50 for an iced coffee. 
i also know two buildings away on the outside is a perfectly good starbucks. 

i was determined not to let my resistence show. 

we found our seats occupied by some other folks, so we just took the next ones over. 
the guys at the end of our row, were in-house vendors. 
they sold golf time. 
if anyone got upset that their seats were taken, they could make a fuss... 
or just go with it. 
with the standard music playing, it is a lot like musical chairs anyways. 

the game started. 
we were sitting at an end ... near to the goalie. 
my daughter plays in goal. 
my husband coaches. 
they had meaningful conversations about all of this. 
positively technical. 
i endured. 

i was in a trance actually. 
for no apparent reason, i was high.
it was a contact high, but narcotic nevertheless. 
i drew in the smells deeply. 
popcorn, check. 
hair gel. check. 
funky hats and baseball caps? check. 
what was that intoxicating smell floating on the air? 
not only was i almost able to chew it, but it was intangible. 
my husband started to smirk at me. 

as any of you readers may know, 
my work and world is constructed of wire, beads, vintage metal components,
 and many other pieces used to build jewelry. 
they are intended to be manipulated, described, and ultimately sold. 
my target audience is women. 
almost all the day, every day, women. 
i adore women. 

every now and again, 
 a departure in the procession of womenly interests, another thing can sneak in. 

this night where i attended a hockey game was one of those departures.
it was a place where unbroken young men slid around an oval sheet of ice. 
they did so with complete ease and reckless abandon, 
for the purpose of moving a small round black disk into a net.
(and perhaps a few well timed creative moments of pugilism too)

 i was overcome.
it took a few minutes to realize what the source was.  
it was the exotic combo of 
plain and simply manly smells. 
good manly smells. 
unexpectedly smacking me in the face kind of manly smells. 
my husband kept smirking. 
he is not in the overwhelmingly female life that i am in. 
so he finds it funny that i was unaware of how badly i needed a break from it. 
i drew in this aroma as deeply as possible. 
it smelled 
{two syllables worth of good.}

just guys all dressed up with many of their mates and kids too.
all clean and sparkly... in the spirit of a fun night out.
unexpectedly intoxicating.
i know, i know, i should get out more.
i just don't.
this was a super good reminder that it is a good idea.
i may become a little more balanced as a person if i do.
balance is a very good thing.



  1. That aqua necklace is absolutely the bomb! as are the other ones. I love it and it would be so much fun to wear. What would you wear it with? Jeans, casual, dressy or all of the above? LOVE your work.

    1. hi lana, that turquoise necklace is my new most fave. i have been wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt. basically, i would consider it an everything kind of wear-with.
      even though i am in new england, i love the prairie style and a sweet sundress with some kicking sandals or cowboy boots would make me happiest.
      i think it is up to the person wearing stuff to just be confident and happy ... ie, your own style.
      i am in the middle of making a pink one and then another turquoise and a green one. i never seem to have enough time to make everything i want to.
      thanks for leaving a comment!