Friday, April 20, 2012

one photo says a whole lot.

i am gonna wash tess' hair for her. 
don't ask. 
while i do that, perhaps you would enjoy some new photos?
these are things i made yesterday. 
the process of photographing and editing the images took almost as long
 as it did to make everything. 
here goes...

a nice mix of earrings. both posts and dangly ones. 

earrings without their wires. 
tomorrow, tomorrow. 

a pretty photo of a pair of opening Magnolia bud dangly earrings. 
(again, part of the wireless til tomorrow)

pretty floral brooches...larger and smaller. 
just like in nature.

and perhaps to break this up... 
we can see some rings too.

then there were the boxes i fitted up to show and sell my rings from. 
i took two vintage cutlery trays that were in sad shape and painted them white. 
also, i almost wet myself with glee. i found some crates at the flea market last year. 
i have been keeping them until i could think of some good purpose to re-use them. 

well i think i did. 
two ideas coalesced. 
my need for use of pretty old boxes and display 
got married. 

the befores. 
untouched, unpainted, splintery and yucky dirty. 

a very light sanding and some polyurethane applied. 

some primer and white paint came to the cutlery tray twosome next.

then i added some foam and wool felt folded into accordian pleats next.
the original plan was to use some felted wool sweaters. 
this time of year it can be more challenging to find wool sweaters to repurpose. 
so i went to the fabric store for some stable yardgoods. 

cheese crates filled also with foam and felt. 

end results?

the flowers on the cards are barrettes. 

i really have been kind of busy. 
and to add to my to-do list, 
i am now going to wash hair. 

thanks everyone. 


  1. so pretty and creative..... a beautiful, visually stunning display...

  2. These pictures just lightened my heart up right proper!
    The display is perfect and I hope many many woman get to enjoy wearing your work as I do!
    Love you!

  3. way cute! love your displays! :)

  4. Wonderful! I feel ready for summer! If Tess is anything like my Evie, she probably got something like vaseline in her hair! Good luck with that! The displays are perfect! The treasures inside even better!!

  5. Realy beautiful arrangements in photo shoot.