Sunday, March 25, 2012

march blues

definitely a working brain could have figured out that i am blue this week. 
the nice weather was swell, 
but it was not quite enough. 
i seem to grow a little mopey this time of the year every year and am sort of surprised each time. 
surely, i should have this figured out by now?

 i have been riding the emotional roller coaster. 
one minute up, one minute down. 
missing my kids, then reveling in the quiet of an emptyish house. 
no pleasing me, 
so i painted new flowers.
things to till in my metal gardens. 
here is what i harvested yesterday...

colorways are called pinata and lace. 

see, i know that there is NO reason for feeling a little down. 
because this is what my eyes and mind see!
rolling joyous color. 
 there is of course more of it to follow. 
i need some more citrusy stuff to curtail my mental scurvy. 
if history repeats itself, the bummer time will end next week. 
it always does. 

here are a few of the recent confections i put together last night. 
they are brighter in life than my editing may show... 
and they are so much fun for the fingers. 

a couple of close-ups Mr. DeMille?

there were a few other rings made a couple of days ago too. 
some of those highlights.

now it is time to do the dishes. 
yup, just in time for my husband to get up for his final hockey date of the season
with his young students. 
he takes the instructional program for our local ice hockey league a wee bit seriously. 
still, it usually makes him very happy. 
and being around a lot of little kids, is kind of mecca for him. 
today, they will be enjoying a last trip with skates this season, 
(within this hockey league)
pizza, music, parents, friends, cookies and fun. 
i hope everyone likes it as much as the mr. does. 

i guess everyone feels Spring is really just around the corner for sure. 
i hope it is. 
i adore the monsoon season, since it makes the trees with fruit blossoms 
i love the darkening of the tree bark around me, as it is made wet by rain. 
my favorite green comes out as the ubiquitous maple trees leaves 
pop anew with teensy pompom chartreuse offerings. 
they are the hardy cheerleaders for other more timid sprouters. 

time to sleep. 
after the dishes get popped into their magical washing cube. 


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