Sunday, March 18, 2012

creative block

it sounds silly...
i think i have a bit of a creative block.
i make stuff all the time, 
but i haven't been able to sit still, 
let the juices flow... 
and make a statement style necklace for a while now.
it's not like i haven't enjoyed the heck out of making them before. 
they got to be my favorite style of expressing myself. 
and i made some money too. 

this was the last one i made. 
and it was for a friend of mine. 

so what the heck is this mental speed-bump all about?
i keep trying to clear out all the static so i can enjoy myself.
still, i feel a tad guilty not taking care of the smaller kind of things that add up. 
my wholesale orders fall into this arena. 
just clearing up some of my mess making things takes time too. 
then there is the need to prep flowers so i have some materials to work with. 
while i enjoy shopping for materials, it too takes a bit of time.

i hope that this is fixed soon. 
the need to create something more meaningful is nipping at my toes. 

the space i tend to spend time in is a green chair in our living room. 
for months i took a lot of my materials to the basement space allotment.
i have tons of stuff stored there and never got to clear off one, 
then two surfaces. 
i have no space to work on things down there. 
and for a weird reason, 
as cool as it is, i wind up putting a fan on to keep the air circulating. 
otherwise i get too hot and give up on what i am playing with. 

to recap. 
have a block. 
space is messy
too many rote creations
and i am in need of a vacation. 
look out world... there may be some vacuuming in my future. 

perhaps you can see what i am up against. 
my own worst messes. 

the last fun thing i made was my leather cuff bracelet with flowers. 
i dragged my hubby and daughter to a resale shop to get some more belts
last sunday... they misbehaved. 
i scored. 
now to make some fresh cuffage. 

this one went on my design board for a wholesale show with my rep last weekend. 

i ordered a cool punch to help make my snaps on the cuffs. 
it works like a dream. 
i can't wait to put it to better use. 

so i think that i need to rip stuff down and create more functional areas to fabricate goodies in. 
three stations. 
one in the living room... by the tv. 
my studio space needs to be cleared up. 
finally, i need my own drill press. and a spot to use it in, 
where i don't overlap space with my husband. 
it was gratifying as can be to have checked into the price for my own press. 
it is completely do-able too. 
imagine not having long irksome wood shavings in my little paired up earrings and such. 
i can see it now. 

also i need a table to be functional in the living room. 
i need a place to keep my computer and some files. 
the joy of picking dog hair out of everything is limited. 

what is really essential at this time, 
is a lot of ruthless trash tossing. 
no matter what the potential for future transformation might be...
making room and putting things away is only gonna work if there is less of it. 

please wish me luck. 
i will be needing it. 
my husband wants to help me with my business and his offer is tempered with 
a month of post-op recuperation. 
he has a small hernia repair to undergo next week.
this will make his life a series of sofa kibbitzings. 
i am not looking forward to this at all. 

like i said, i will start with the trash and keep my fingers crossed that some 
blockage will dissipate. 
i need some new statements... there is too much recycling of my thoughts. 



  1. What a beautiful pearl necklace. Forward with one thing at a time ... ;)

    1. oh thank you for that support orquidea ... you probably know these frustrations ...since your advice is so clear. xow.