Tuesday, March 6, 2012

spring vacation time...but not for me.

three children. 
three schools. 
three slightly different vacations. 

they are getting set up to do their summer shizzles. 
as they might say. 
only in a tone and vocabulary of mocking me. 
ie, getting jobs re-established for the upcoming summer now.

the newly minted 15 year old had last week off. 
she required ferrying around to both season ending activity of ice hockey 
as well as, readying for the upcoming Spring lacrosse season. 
there are 61 high school gals trying out for 40 spaces. 
things are gonna get wild soon when this transfer of sport seasons gets official. 
friendships may well be tested to a breaking point. 

the boy came home last friday, via his love interest and her family. 
he spent the night as a guest in their home and continued to migrate homeward the next day. 
saturday night was spent at his older sis' apartment in Boston, 
she still had a week of classes til she could escape her collegiate responsibilities. 

then the eldest wunderkind came home. 
now we are on the 4th day of her break. 

i am so completely happy to have all of them in house, but they are simply torturing one another. 
i have the joy of shutting up and watching. 

there are extra dishes lurking around every corner. 
there is more action in our only bathroom. 
with a bff for the youngest added in for the past weekend, there was some sleep space shuffling. 
it is a constant state of activity. 
and torture. 

i just took the kiddles with me to pick up the little one from hockey practice. 
this is a convenient stepping off spot to food shop, as the market is near by. 
the boy was hungry looking at the food. 
 it feels like he is on a nonstop eat-a-thon.
that isn't accurate, but he does enjoy the smugness of eating well these days. 
nothing worse than someone who has had a 180 degree turn around. 
so he snagged an apple mid-shop and paid for it himself. 
it did not fill him up adequately... so he purchased a roll of fruity flavored mentos candies. 
the only reason this is of any interest to anyone ... is that he did not eat all of them at one time. 
one of those yummy candies was rolled up into a ball and inserted into one nostril. 
so mature. 

then there was the incident of sleepwear. 
the eldest forgot her jammies at school. 
she borrowed some sweatpants from the laundry. 
the plan was for her to borrow some of the hubbie's to wear.
she instead took a pair of the youngest's and refused to give them over for athletic practice usage. 
then she tortured the younger sister telling her that her friend has a made up name. 

these games are on their third running week. 
i keep finding my husband hiding out in the basement. 
he claims that he is working or doing laundry. 
i am unsure that is an accurate description of his subterranean activities. 
the by-products are of course welcome... so i am not arguing. 

i will be going to the work space below shortly. i want to to make another cuff. 
it is highly addictive...
 and i just bought a fresh new tool to play with while pursuing my obsession. 
the Spring seasonal showings that my rep is doing on behalf of his artisan stable 
kicks off this weekend. 
i need to get some display board ready for him to take with to the big shew. 
this required a lot of emails back and forth. 
it was a little frustrating with all the distractions orbiting my teensy weensy active brain.
tomorrow holds a lot of pressure to complete successfully. 

things feel like loads of moving parts in a familial jigsaw puzzle or rubic's cube. 

tomorrow is the joy of tennis, with children or not. 
i have no idea if they want to play or not. 
the boy played last week and it was a gas. 
we had a lot of fun. 

also there is a coffee meet up with a lovely friend...
i get to see her about twice a year now. 
this is a sweet experience when it rolls around. 
 it is a rare treat.  

 i am off. 
no do not crack wise. 
oh yeah, and the boy ate the mento he had jammed up his nose. 
so gross. 
so very completely gross. 
so very him. 
it is uncertain if i will be enjoying anymore of those ever again. 
the memory is a lot like a retinal burn. 

this house is going to be super quiet soon.
 and i shall be rather conflicted;
delirious about the renewed lessening of food bills,
sleeping slightly more normal hours,
working on fresh ideas, 
and missing the heck outta the little gremlins. 


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