Wednesday, March 14, 2012

even steven

in this neck of the woods, it was an incredibly beautiful day outside today. 

i woke up and took some pics for my latest collection of necklaces. 
version one. 
version two. 

the rest of the photos will be on my facebook page:

it helps me to keep track of what  i am sending to my consignment/wholesale ordering stores. 
i also have some nice combos, that i enjoy the idea of replicating or mimicking for other pieces. 
it makes me nuts, that no matter what i have been able to stack together, 
so infrequently am i able to copy my own combinations. 
this of course lends me to ponder, how so many copycats can. 
really, i am overly perplexed by this lack of whatever it is
that allows for chronic replications. 

is it simply that there is no creative juice left? 
is it a failure to believe that others can come up with any fresh ideas?
do they think it is not going to be noticed? 
what the heck is on their minds?

i am the child of a literature and writing professor.
my academic studies were focused on anything but my mom's specialties. 
it feels bad to copy even her strengths, although my own coincide or overlap with hers. 
through her own specific rearing styles... i found many many things to embrace. 
her feelings were stated time after time on many issues...
one is that plagiarism, which goes by many names, is never right. 
never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, ever right. 
it is intellectual theft. 
because of this core belief, i try to stick to my own ideas. 
it is not as if i can count on some lightening bolt reaching from the sky to punish me if i stray.
 i do feel that i have enough failures to re-build from
  and my own potential for personal growth to rely on. 
i know that they always will temper any itch
for copying. 

i can't at all support crummy urges, 
when that green eyed monster grabs hold of me.
a suggestion that i could make the same thing as someone else makes me feel so very unwell. 
it is just really easy to fail for a lot of wrong reasons. 
they should always be my own though. 
to fall on my face for trying one of my own ideas is fine. 
i don't enjoy things when they go flooey.
when it happens and it does plenty of times, 
it just feels a lot better.  
this idea of taking a fresh look at someone else's work to make your own 
is theft. 
plain and simple intellectual larceny. 

at one time i enjoyed a pleasing relationship with a customer or two or three. 
we became on-line buddies. 
then i found my efforts and style being copyied . 
 i found other styles being represented from others as their own. 
the good thing about an email relationship is that you can ignore it. 
eventually, it can dissipate just as it came into existence, it can go away. 
not fun, but sometimes it is necessary. 
this does not make me happy, but it is what it is. 
it feels a little icky to catch other artisans with their hands in other folks' design sketch pads. 
i wish they would cut it out. 


as for the glory of today and its pre-seasonal gentle weather... 
i was gobsmacked by it. 
my youngest is trying out for a 3rd sport this year. 
she is currently in love with lacrosse. 
this is wonderful, since i am so utterly sloth-like in my own athletic stylings. 
playing tennis one time a week, is a huuuuuuge step up from just walking the dog. 
as nice and personally fulfilling  as it is, 
it is not as challenging as adding a 5 day a week athletic system for two overlapping sports. 
i admit i am totally couch potatoesque. 
it would not take much to recognize this if you looked at me. 
so i play on wednesdays. 
on other days, when the weather supports the move, i take my dog to chase squirrels. 
he loves chasing them up trees, through the brush, over logs, under bushes. 
he is willing to share his chasing glories with other pups too. 
if they are game and all. 

so today, in the splendor of a lovely afternoon, i went with the doggie to walk as he ran. 
my daughter and her bff went to a field nearby to practice throwing and catching lacrosse balls.
it is good for them to spend some time outside breathing in early Spring air.
moving around a little on the fields, surpasses a future of exclusively 
i-maccing, i-padding, i-tuning and whatever new 'i' product or analogous thing that she may find to do. 
a lot of that is sedentary. 
if history is likely to repeat itself, she needs to move to prevent personal duffle bags from appearing. 
they have for all other members of my family before me. 

after my lovely dog walk, 
with a full and large iced coffee in hand, 
there was still some time to linger and wait. 
i enjoyed reading an actual book. 
it has been picked up and put down more times than i can remember. 
in spite of it being an international best seller, it has been hard to get caught up in its story. 
more to do with my ability to just focus than anything else. 
my bad. 

so i read in the sunshine with my faithful pet aside me. 
we waited for the squidget to finish a day of fresh air and jockery. 

dinner. complet. 
(french. can't find my keyboard circumflex. just go with it please?)

at around 11:30 pm, eldest daughter let me know her apartment had needed to be evacuated. 
she lives pretty close to the prudential center... in Boston. 
i totally missed that she might be affected by the big fire at the Hilton hotel today. 
and that a transformer blew up in that part of the city. 
it was only on the news on all the tv channels out of boston. 

what IS the matter with me?
i totally missed it all. 
good thing she has her head on straight. 
she will spend the night on a different part of the campus with her friends. 
they have a spare pair of beds and she will leave virtually nothing at risk. 
i hope she will feel safe with others. 
my husband and i worry about her sense of independence and
 perhaps sometimes potential for  some loneliness. 
we look forward to her having these gals as her roomies next year. 
i guess this could be considered a dry run. 
seriously, i am feeling a little guilty about not realizing what is happening in her neck of the woods. 

of course, not a single soul checked up on me, the success of my trip into cambridge
 or my general well being during the blizzard of '78. 
perhaps they too were getting socked in with snow?
during that period of winter,
 there was NO movement other than pedestrian or cross country skiing. 
no cars, busses, trucks(except for plowing) were on the roads. 
nope. nobody ever checked to see if i was even in South Hadley. 
good to have this reference. 
i am sure now that hal is fine with her sensible, smart and funny friends. 
we can talk again tomorrow sometime. 
or text. 
modern conveniences really are helpful. 

 all things considered today was a 9 out of 10.
weather, children, dinner, dog, husband... all fine. 

just waiting to hear what happened at a show my rep attended over the past weekend. 
will i have work in the next couple of weeks? or not? 
suspenseful .

i have been worrying for the protagonist on the  MI-5 re-runs i have been watching recently. 
so what, i have a little netflix obsession right now. 

this is probably where you are screaming at your computer... 
"get a life fer cryin' out loud!!!"
i should tell you... i am trying. 

good night folks...

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