Monday, March 12, 2012

counting sheep

anyone that knows me by now knows of my many widely flung interests,
or do i mean things to natter on about? 
either way, a substantial lack of sleep is at the top of that heap. 
when i turn in for the night, i am as tired as i can be. 
what winds up happening as i fight to slip into unconsciousness, is i count sheep. 
not in the classical style. 
since i do nothing that is conventional 
i count my bills. 
perhaps that is what is the source of the insomnia.
this perhaps creates what could be considered a looped chicken and egg construct.
i also think about the components of my puff ball style tennis serve.
i hate the way it looks, all kinds of up in the air, but getting the job done somehow.
then i think about all sorts of interactions with my kids. 
and who needs what, most . 
it is always something. 

after all of these things are considered, occasionally, 
 a fresh idea or solution to one of my little ideas sneaks through. 
i keep a sketch book near so i can jump up to record things. 
sometimes they are true gibberish. 
other times, they are nice little notes on things that i may not have considered earlier. 

when i know i have a chunk of money coming in, 
i spend it mentally.
it feels a lot like factoring a number into as many parts as it can be broken down into.
or in my case, how to pay the most pressing item of all and still find some dollars for groceries.
this is effective until real life whittles it away in no time at all. 
i dare not see what i am truly spending money on.
it surely will depress me further. 
and of course add to greater sleeplessness. 
much is related to the need to pay my bills, 
but on the other side of that coin is the dream of a fresh style of jewelry. 
one that has come to me as a nugget of an idea before real construction has been tried out. 
such a wild cache of reasons for sleeplessness. 

here are a few new doodly dads for spring. 
i put together this board for my rep, aka King David, to take to a show. 
i am still in the dark about the results of this show. 
so color me anxiety filled. 

there are mixed earrings, brooches, necklaces, rings, charm-chain-cuff bracelets, 
and other be-rhinestoned items. 
i can only hope that folks are ready for some flowery jewels. 
it is nearly 


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