Monday, March 5, 2012

20/20 hindsight, SOWA love, & new cuffs.

in the day after the joy of SOWA Winter show...
i actually slept well. 
a very good thing too, since i was worn to a nub. 
i was so excited to go, i did not sleep the night before. 

so, i got to see some of my all time favorite artisans. 
what could be better?
spending time next to a really super sweet artist i have only traded emails with. 
now we are firmly attached as camp buddies. 
the stuff we were able to share was so valuable. 
she sent me a really great resource for something i need. 
i was able to perhaps share something equally useful to share with her. 
and we laughed our butts off. 
not to mention she was featured in the fresh installation of 
(that is the Boston Globe website ladies and gents!!!)

along with my buddy thea, of "oh how cute coaster company"
there was notice of some delish macarons... 
thea tried to entice me with these. 
i know that i would not have stopped at two. 
so i opted to try them another time, 
when some semblance of control might be possible.

on my other side, were the sweet gals of "rebecca mae designs"
they recycle all kinds of wonderful woolies into cozy mittens.

and yes, i was entreated to some love as well. 
it was a great day, since i had brushed my hair... 
as you must all know, that does not always happen in a timely manner. 
second verse...
so not only did i have a spectacular day hanging with my homies...
but i was shared with the boston globe reading world. 


oh yes and i earned some geld too. 
what a day. 


two more of my cuffs... 

i sold my third one. 
and am keeping this prototype. 

more will follow, and i sold one i did not take pics of. 

so that is some of the poop from yesterday! 
it was a swell time. 


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