Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Equinox

What is it about Spring? 
I actually feel like cleaning up. 
all that should really be on my mind is to remember to balance an egg on its end.
i am fascinated by this twice yearly event, 
and yet have never tried it. 
it must be a plot to overwhelm our senses with the joy of fresher weather...
and an insertion of secret pheromones that create forgetfulness within gentler winds blowing. 
it is never too late to have Spring Fever.

it would be nice to say i was on a tear with cleaning. 
it is only a half hearted one. 
there is so much to contend with, but one little bit at a time is helpful to the psyche. 

yesterday, i vacuumed and built up more of a sweat than i usually do playing tennis. 
i would be more embarrassed, were it not for the fact that i need to sweat.
also, the house is a mote cleaner. 
when halley returns from school, perhaps we can paint the kitchen.
she has mad painting skills, which i surely do not. 

to celebrate the incoming fresh air, 
i baked. 
as a child, i LOVED Drake's coffee cakes. 
so i made the version from Martha Stewart that i like. 
(surely i have bored the heck out of you with this already?)
should you like to have your own pan to secretly sneak extra pieces from....
and crumb topping to pull off and eat like candies...

here is the recipe

the switch from holiday season into just plain winter is abrupt. 
one of the signifiers is a color palette change. 
it is accomplished simply by switching away from jewel tones, 
and into paler or more fresh bright colors. 
i feel like Alice falling into the rabbit hole.
i found some yummy beads last week. 
as usual, they are vintage ones... and i bought a lot.
when i say a lot, i mean pounds of them. 
lots and lots...  
Mostly PINK ones. 
sometimes even two packed storage towers of beads need to be refreshened.
any excuse to increase a stash, right?

a bubblemania necklace
in bright, almost neon colors.

anyways, it is time to make a fresh pass at my housewifery
and purchase groceries for us.
in addition to another cleaning effort somewhere.
there is also the distinct possibility, that i will nap too. 
 i suspect that a nice coffee accompanied by some crumb cake may firm up plans. 
 i may be lost again in the wilds of playing and snooping at stuff on line. 

after the egg balancing efforts
perhaps some out doors interests may be served. 
the dog always needs a walk. 


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