Thursday, March 8, 2012 easy going... i promise!

elaine benes. 
you know her you love her. 
she is the woman that is played by julia louis-dreyfuss on SEINFELD

i am she, 
she is me. 
or so i have been told on an occasion. 
my friend told me that i am like elaine. 
his assumption or analogy was that he believes that i think i am easy going. 
in fact i am not. 
but i really am you know....

my reality is that i think i am difficult, 
but probably not as awful as many folks. 
most likely not even truly close to elaine either. 

this issue was raised many years ago as a testimony to obliviousness. 
i specifically like the episode of SEINFELD, 
where elaine developed a skin rash and wore a tee shirt to the doctor's office. 
she did this so that it would be easy to examine her without her changing into a johnny. 
i identify with this. 
when i think i am easy going, i am... imagine my fists all clenched and shaking with certainty. 
ok, so i am elaine after all .

well, i was in my basement in the corner of my husband's carpentry area, 
where the drill press is set up.
its geography is such that it is set up with a large flat space adjacent to it.
this would in most worlds, be considered a table. 
not in my mr.'s lingo. 
it is his very precious work space. 
it bears consideration, that it is very pricy as space in our house goes.
 he claimed it as his own when we moved in.
that was decades ago. 
in fact, we have lost a dog, gained a new dog;
(even steven)
added 3 babies, now nearly fully adult proportioned bigger than all of us;
several businesses later
(so the crap equipment associated with each: baking, mothering, architecture, and now jewelry)
and just the junk that comes along with everyday living
(piano, red dead mustang, rowing machine... none in use at all and all under mr.'s ownership).

i actually use the drill press if not multiple times daily at least for 30 hrs. a week. 
i use it and its adjacent space. 
this includes the "table".
since the original claim was made a very long 20 yrs ago... it remains firmly in my hub's mind as his. 

i should get some rights of ownership from usage and whatnot. 
i can't remember what it is called, an easement perhaps?
my little flowery pieces that compose my jewelry are spread out in pairs for earrings,
stacked for ring compositions, 
ordered in size increments for layering pieces. 
all of this makes tons of sense to me. 
there are also loads of little things that get popped into flower centers. 
they can be as small as 1/4" across. 
it is when i am not looking, 
someone likes to come and flex ownership muscles. 

last night i went to the corner of floral management. 
it was completely covered in swirly, curly, long, short, narrow, wide, chunky, dusty sized pieces 
of shaved wood. 
the drill was originally a thing for wood, although my purposes are metallic. 
do you know how much crap fits between and on quarter inch metal doodads? 
and on top of unsealed metal bits? 
it is enough to make me make lots of unpleasing noises. 
and you KNOW i did. 
i had just cleaned the space from all of that last attack of woodliness. 
frick. frick. frick. 
this is how i know i am a decent person. 
i did not wake my mr. to yell at him for his lack of consideration. 
in fact, i swept the floor and muttered loudly. 

i am not easy going... if i were, i would have just taken it in stride. 
i am 
elaine benes. 


in spite of my frustrations... of which there are many...
i was able to post these recent additions to my 
jewelry garden. 

parrot tulips:


lime flower


also i have listed two cuffs in my etsy store. 

i have more to come... 
but i am getting myself ready for my representative to show my things with his other artists. 
so i am feeling a bit cranky and frazzled. 

thanks for looking in. 
my world is quirky. 


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