Saturday, March 10, 2012

tidal flows

sometimes transitions overwhelm me. 
sometimes they are for the best. 
sometimes i need to get my butt in gear. 
sometimes, it is all at the same time. 

our kids are still coming and going. 
all will be settled out after the weekend is through. 
and i will be holding my breath until the "summer"togetherness starts again.
 this could be sorta dicey.
still i am really looking forward to having all the chickens back in the coop. 
one will return in april, the other in may. 
best be saving for grocery money now. 

since we were down to one chitlin today, 
we went to the bookstore. 
i love the ones with loads of arty magazines. 
there was one with so much cool jewelry in it, i drooled on it and purchased it. 
there was a cool looking series of directions to make some interesting little 
metal boxes or deep bezels. 
another of my friends and i were going to try to take some lessons on how to make these. 
still a very deep chance. 
she would like to put clever antique and vintage buttons in hers. 
i have no idea what would go in mine, but i must know how to make them. 
eventually, i suspect that i may learn how to perform some real jewelry techniques. 

also, i was thinking of how badly i would like to own or even create some corazons...
forgive my incorrect use of this. 
what i want are real looking, silver heart shapes. 
flowers would be an added benefit. 
the most beautiful ones i have seen in a while
(quite possibly, ever)
 were also published in a magazine that followed me home.
if i can use the scanner, i will snag the pics to show you. 
(fingers crossed... my son is back at school, so my ability to ask for help is limited).
the woman that makes them, has peered into my heart to see what would make it sing. 
unfortunately for me, 
i am neither Mexican, 
of any Latin heritage whatsoever,
nor Christian in any manner either. 
yet these speak so loudly to me. 

if you might remember my tango with the day of the dead sugar skull beads 
(from the palm tree queen)
this is a a page from one of her facebook folios... 
and wicked coolio beads i like greatly. 

my day of the dead necklace

anyways, these silvery things ring through me like hot spiky lightening. 
lorena angulo, you are a wizardess!
from her website>to her flickr site.

i think there is a little more of a silver future coming my way. 
aka pmc skill development. 

must make dinner right now. so i shall return. 
you won't want to miss my recall of taking my husband to SAVERS.
he was as delightful as any person could be. 


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