Sunday, July 8, 2012

chucking it all.

i have a little problem. 
loads of little things everywhere. 
and as they seem to coalesce, they grow into ugly big things. 
its like that episode of STARTREK:
the trouble with tribbles. 

first you have one little tribble and it is cute as all heck. 
then it reproduces and a population explosion is off and running. 
 soon, every little corner is overrun with tribbles. 
and jump rings, 
single bad earrings, 
and dog hair with dust intertwined in it. 

is is a problem. 

by the time i get around to dealing with it, 
i fantasize along the same lines as my mr. does. 
the idea of a small dumpster in the driveway starts to look very appealing. 
of course, the more of the stuff i sort through and send to the dumpster, or trash bins, 
is better. 

so i tossed a huge bag of crap and dog hair and dust out tonight. 
it was the tip of the iceberg. 
i also went through our collection of a gazillion video-cassettes. 
they are to be taken to the library. 
this could mean whenever...
i probably will be a while, since there has been a small car crisis brewing. 

during the last winter, we had a small snow accumulation that let to a 
very white pile of snow for about 15 minutes. 
this blanket covered our driveway with a pretty and pristine blanketing of whiteness. 
i was backing into the driveway less well than i should have . 
end result of said effort was that i caught the underside of my car's fender on a 
stump waiting to be ground out as removal. 
i wound up ripping the structural underpinning of that rear part of my car
so that the fender now dangles on that side... and it does dangle freely. 
this has made all kinds of driving, a new challenge. 

there was also a wet spot on the floor of the driver's interior. 
i was asked if i had poured water onto the floor. 
not really. 
now i have a fat weird wet spot. 
turns out that liquid is a little oily and in being of that disposition, i was able to not take the blame for it. 
it is a several hundred dollar repair... 
one that is not in my future i fear. 

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