Thursday, July 12, 2012

opposites are attractive.

i met a most smashing woman through my business ventures. 
she contacted me. 
not at all sure how she found me, but i couldn't be happier that she did. 
we spent a little time back and forth on the internet in conversations. 
it yielded a very opulent necklace that she had in mind. 
i now know what she has in her mind's eye is not only very specific, but also very beautiful. 
i am filled with gratitude that she has allowed me to attempt to execute her ideas
using my hands and personal skills and materials. 
the blending of our two systems is quite wonderful. 

she is a chef. 
her work is sublime. 
a dream she holds, is of achieving her first michelin star... soon. 
i am sure that it is merely a stepping stone to her other dreams. 

here is a photo of one of her desert pieces. 
it is a pakastani mango pavlova. 

forgive me everyone, i took isadora's photo of it and transferred it here. 
it is really food porn of the highest degree. 
it is lovely looking in its original photo form albeit dark. now it looks singed...
my apologies.
i just wanted to show you what she is a creator of in her own world. 

the original necklace was a confabulation of golden and pearly items. 
also some creamy white, black and vintage whites. 
it came out like this... 

and wound up looking like this for one of her magazine ads. 

now we are working on an opposite kind of necklace. one that is as black and copper 
as this is pearly, creamy and golden. 

it is always good to manipulate beautiful things to try to get an artful expression 
that is up to the task of shining just a smidge more with its components reconstructed. 
at least that is my goal. 

then there is this...
a black confection that is underway. 

this is good so far, but not as the eye of its designer sees it. 
so its flowers have been replanted and otherwise configured. 
the dream is to be more faithful to its owner's vision. 
that requires more thought
with greater experimentation. 

wishing myself luck on this... and perhaps a fresher sense of balance. 
gotta give it a fresh pass.
so after a few days of painting, planning, organizing,
unpinning, re-pinning,
editing and repurposing,
a fresh layout looked like this.

most things of a brassy nature were removed.
i had no idea that things would look ok.
i thought it was too monolithic.
of course, i was rueful.
the lack of brassy bits to pop some third color around
made it seem very flat and lacking in depth.

it was what isadora wanted though.
if i am nothing else, i am pretty interested in compliance.

i like making folks happy with their jewelry.
it isn't always easy.

the last photo pass of the necklace on a form yielded this result.
it is pretty good to my eye and any failure of depth for the piece went away
the second i added some Swarovski Jet Rhinestones.
do not ever underestimate the transformative value of bling in the right place at the right time.

nor should a quick pic on a contrasting background be devalued.
recently my husband suggested that i should be using black velvet to display my goods.
i feel much more honest with the use of chippy, scratched up, whitish wooden background for photos.
luckily, my house and props are in just that state of deshabille.
i might cry if someone goes to repair the look of some things around her.

as i go to the kitchen to clean and clear our dinner platitudes...
i offer you some of my work to be evaluated.
something like that of course....

now time for
a little goddessry of womanly efforts.
dishes need to be laundered for the morning as everyone here takes it.
with or without cream.


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