Monday, July 2, 2012

best ring tone choice ever

today after days of fighting with my husband... 
cause talking is not satisfying enough, 
he apologized. 

he said to me: 
"i am sorry i have been such an asshole recently. "

i want this as my ringtone on my phone. 

i haven't been this exasperated in years. 
glad we made some headway. 
most of the happier women i know are single. 
needless to say, it is an option. 
just do not want to take it. 

so i enjoyed fantasizing about what crap i could throw out from the house. 
one of the big complaints is that there is too much stuff in this crackerbox. 
it is legitimate as complaints go. 
so i am willing to take a fresh stab at it. 
also, with more space available, i think i can get smarter. 
more oxygen to the brain will help this dream. 

in the mean time, i am making a fresh necklace. 
photos in the daylight will surely describe it better. 
it is one of my oldest and dearest styles. 
it has been made in so very many combinations that i should have numbered them 
to show the versatility of the style. 
here it is in multiple shapes, sizes, colorways and materials. 

i wonder if i even have one anymore. 
i sell them straight off of my neck often enough. 

well off to the pliers and fantasizing about my fresh ringtone. 
i bet everyone wishes they could have their husband actually apologize and 
be reasonable in their complaints. 

one ringy dingy,,, two ringy dingies....


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