Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day, my way

i enjoyed the heck out of mother's day ... 
i wish i could feel this good all the time. 
of course, 
i will not count on it hovering around 70 degrees and sunny with a soft little wind blowing every day. 
nor will i count on it being sunday every day... so i can go to the flea market.
nor will my kids pay passing attention to how many times they curse per minute. 
nor can i accept that my husband will be in a good mood. 
all in all i had a kick butt great day. 
just wanted to let you know that. 

the plan was to go to the flea market. unfortunately, as i am such an avid night owl, waking was not as easy as it could have been. my son really did try to awaken me gently and regularly... and nearing on 11:30 a.m. we all managed to scoot out of the house. 
a plan that originally included only the boy was extended to the dad, and since the littlest had a lacrosse game nearby, we combined her in the try to conserve our transportational fuel needs...
 and then of course the eldest said she wanted to come. 
so we enjoyed a full family car. 
the littlest and the hubby were piffled out by the  junk-fest at the flea market within minutes.
 they camped out in the car. our late start caused us to arrive as most vendors had either left or were packing at the speed of sound. 
 i was bent on checking out as much of it all as i could. and the two elder children stuck together. no one in their right mind could assess what my needs are when i go to the flea market. some days, i am looking for rhinestones and wind up with anything but. 
as i rushed around, i managed to find some rhinestones, but was not truly impressed by them or their settings. i need to maintain some standards you know?
however at the end of this same table,
 i saw a thing that had nibbled at my soul since last fall. 
and i bought it. 
a carved rose out of butterscotch bakelite. 

this is my new old bakelite rose with a pair of pics of my husband when he was a little niblet. cute stuff huh?

the guy was asking the exact same amount and in the exact same way as he did last year. 
how could i negotiate with him. he had his heart set on a certain price. 
and i had been thinking about it for so very long. 
really, i got one true material gift today, and it was from me to me. 
it fits perfectly too. 
all for $20.oo.
in my running about like a nutter, i also found something that i am interested in right now. 
vintage, prettily detailed and patterned crocheted lace. 

a vert pretty lace table runner.

 a funny little skirt, with a pair of nylon shorts as a 
liner. tee hee!

 a pair of pretty cloths. purpose unknown. 

perhaps an anti-macasser? seems lightweight though. 

there are two of these, both have the fun roses in the centers.

 yet another square flowery beauty... 

cute table cloth, a square. 

a pretty curtain tie back. wish i had the curtains to accompany this one. 

i am a knitter by choice.
 i am incapable of doing intricate lace. 
my strongpoint in knitting is intarsia and color work. and as i am me, 
and clearly on brag mode, 
textural work in knitting has forced me to think outside of the unidirectional box. 
making bobbles and cables and other whatnots, 
are hard to do when you need to turn the work around all the time. 
so i knit from right to left. 
just like most normal people are taught to do. 
then instead of turning work to purl back to the beginning, 
i like to KNIT from left back to right. 

so you are probably thinking, 
you have given up all cogent hope, and recognize  that i am nuts. 
you accept that i like to think about knitting. 
why the heck can't i harness that crocheting gene properly and make it work for me? 
i just can't. 
moreover, when you can buy beautiful pieces of crocheted lace
 and old embroidered pieces with extraordinary trims...
why on this finally green part of the earth, would i ever try to crochet?

seriously, i just  cannot harness that skill potential....
especially when there is so much going unused already. 
i feel a huge interest in trying to make something pretty from something old. 
not only do i admire and get more use from it, 
but i can save myself the cussing,frustration and wheedling with powers that be,that might let me crochet. 

i got a bag full of very pretty pieces of lace for a whopping $7.50. 
they all need to be laundered in oxy-clean or a dissolved solution of denture tablets
or even gently washed with some lemon juice and set out in the sun to capture some 
refreshening potential. 
i suppose i can wait a day to look forward to doing this. 
mind you, 
i do NOT enjoy doing conventional household laundry at any cost,
 but to get some clean togs, i will. 
and if i have some elderly yet still re-purposeful linens, i am enthusiastically ready to do it.

my plan for these lacy things is to sew them onto other fabrics after having cleaned them to a pretty near white. if this is an unsuccessful premise and execution,
 then they will hit some dye baths. i love tinting things. 
it is magical to me to see how easily things can be colorized. 

last year i took to buying tons of ribbons and tie dying them. then when they were all  scrunched up and still in their rubber banded bondages, i put them into the microwave oven. 
after they were dried, they had all kinds of crinklage to them as well as subtle gradations of pretty pastels. 
fun ... 
and totally off of my original mother's day posting. 
what could you expect from me ever... to stay on topic?
not very likely. 
so now i will try to revert to the original topic i was trying to stay on...

the flea. 
since we were expecting to take the little one to her LaX game, i tried my best to hurry some. 
i erred. i was conservative. never my best mode. 
big mistake for me. now i surely will have to go back to the market next week. 
i found a cute tray with loads of rusty spots on it, with a rooster in its center. 
i asked how much, and was repaid with  a request for $3. 
i knew i had that amount of money left, but while i was scanning the tarp for anything else, the guy said
"how about $2?"
i was not actually bargaining, at all, just so slow in answering... 
so he said," ok... how about $1?".
you know i had  to have that rooster tray absolutely now. 
and so i do. 

but along with it, there was a box of weird wooden legs. 
kind of an out of furniture body experience. 
all kinds of things. all kinds of shapes. 
mostly in great shape. 
and i NEED stuff like that. 
(my husband the carpenter just hates when i do this, however, he holds his skills to himself more often than not. i never have my carpentry needs truly met here. the kitchen reno started and finished in 3 weeks ... only it was a 4 week job. that was when the boy was one. he is off to college in sept. 
you must see my point about this right?)
i had a plan to make some jewelry display items for shows later in the spring. 
and now i think i actually have a plan for that. 
i may even have figured out how to make them come together. 
for this, i will be making a trip to the home depot or lowes later this week. 

of course, i really, really, really, really, REALLY 
want to go to Brimfield more, but i will stick to the housing repair mega-store to sate some need for progress. . 
 i can see nothing but trouble coming from a trip to brimfield right now. 
i need to have my kids teeth straightened and that costs more than i could realistically hope to get away from brimfield and not spend. 
then there are the two college tuitions. 
another thing that scares the pulp outta me. 
(yet another digression or three... truly i apologize. your having held in with me this long is just enabling this behavior on my part. let's all hold hands and sing together now. ommmmm.)

so in conclusion with this guy, with the rooster tray, i also splurged for 6 leg parts. 
at FITTY cent each, 
my total racked up to a whopper of $4.oo.
in spite of all of this, 
all afternoon and evening, 
i am simply sick about passing up on something i should have dug from the bottom of that leggy box. 
there were two, then another two of the largest round bedknobs i have ever seen. 
they were sorta creamy white , not split or cracked or anything ....
and an odd kind of 5 inch diameter globular shape. 
whatever possessed me not to take them home? 
now i have to go back. 

 the trick will be for me to awaken and go with my son only. 
he is great company, enjoys the mockery that i do. 
drinks his coffee the same way as i do. 
will get cash from the atm machine inside the shell station for me, with out any fuss. 
and will  do advanced sorties to spot what he has named 
sneeze guards... aka jewelry cases. 
he knows my needs and my quirks. 
i think he just wants to see what is in the next episode of 
"mommie dearest"
... the  moniker i sign off my texts to him with. 
gotta keep him a little off balance, cause i think he actually may have a future with an income associated. 
the eldest already has stated her college career is dedicated to art. 
don't we have enough of that going on around here?

so the rest of the day was spent in managing needs such as:
having a nice cuppa coffee with the clan while the first half of the big game was on. 
 torturing littlest one at the second half of her game.
going home to take a nap. 
making dinner for myself and the shockingly now mushroom eating crew. 
and doing the laundry( right? i know??? i actually did this while enjoying "Masterpiece Theater"!)
finally, after a full day, i get to do the dishes too. 

at least no blood was spilled. 
and everyone got along nicely. 

like i said. i had a really nice day. 
thanks world, i appreciate how it all seemed to align so well. 
thank you for that. 
i hope you all had a nice mother's day too, after all, you are all somebody's 


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