Tuesday, May 17, 2011

square peg and round hole

sometimes you understand stuff. sometimes you don't.
 i usually get jokes, but sometimes they elude me completely. 
i have been having a weird spate of ideas recently. amongst them is finding new blogs and websites to look into. as i follow some of them way far into their web connected links, i see patterns. loads of patterns. 

one of my favorite discoveries a few months back, was Justsomethingimade.com
it is the creation and brainchild of one of my all time favorite bloggers... cathe holden. she does stuff that is right up my alley or not at all . 
her starting point for many of her creative endeavors is through graphic design and thrifty renovations.
 i am utterly addicted to the things she has offered instructions for. they add to my ability to think about things that are not even close to being inside of a box. 
or am i kidding myself? 
(i am unable to deal with my lack of computer graphic savvy..sigh)

i was taken with one of her projects this winter. it was the repurposing of a cigar box. the box was fitted up to be used to hold and "dispense" washi tape rolls. she even managed to include how to add a cutting edge to the cigar box housing. wow, that blew my socks up and down. the instructions you can find here... 

and inside out...

it was so revolutionary... as i never had heard of washi tape before. oh my goodness, i have been trying to whittle my washi-wish list down to a mere dozen patterns. I just can't do it. 
and to be a little more honest, i won't really be doing it, until i make a cigar box fit up just like this one. 
this is what i am calling a square peg. what i dream of. 
and then there is me, all kinds of round and bumpy and lumpy irregular shapes. 
 not really a perfect fit for my little ideas. 

 i have been looking for a nice cigar box for the past few months to dedicate to this project, as well as the perfect group of washi tapes. of course i am not in a HUGE rush, since there are loads of other nifty projects to roll around on my creative palate.

 i saw what could work for me until i can harness my dream of that cigar box dispenser.
recently, i found a tiered black wired storage thing conventionally used for kitchen needs. 
it was a whopping price of around $12-14 at homegoods. i swore i could use it to hang jewelry from at shows. honestly, i was kidding myself.
 i adore things made from wires. (and painted black ... a bonus). 
now i have this odd thing in my studio. it is kind of sucking up space that i truly haven't to spare. i saw someone use a round container to store rolls of things. it suddenly seemed to me, that i could be using it to store my tapes and rayon ribbon rolls. it is significantly less efficient, but it is in the house.  so many months of searching daydreaming and a couple more weeks of looking for storage  dawdling as i think about a corral for my round things. now it is coming together.
 i hope. 

why not put round things into a round container? sheesh. should have seen that round in round idea much earlier... at least until i can make a proper dispenser for my non-existent washi tapes. 

thanks for visiting... 
xoxo ...

the photos of the tape dispenser are from Cathe's jsim website. i snagged them, but i told her that i was showing this project on my blog. 

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  1. Oh Wendy, What a lovely post. Thank you. I am so glad our paths crossed. You are a sweet friend.