Sunday, May 29, 2011

i keep promising to clean up the messy basement area known in this family as MY STUDIO. 
if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. 
truly, i try to spend some time in the chaos either small chunks of time every day, or a longer and more meaningful amount of time once a week. 
when i was a kid, legend has it, i used to put oatmeal cookies into my doll case to store for a more useful day down the line. my memory of this is at around 4 years old. i would have to check on this with my own mother. she used to find them. i am unsure if she was charmed or really upset by my earliest squirreling activities. i am hopeful it was more to one end of that spectrum than another. 
either way, the problem is still occuring. i hide things where i want to find them in the best case situations. 
i have lost one shell. it has eluded me for days now. i found it last week after years of having been in storage. i cannot get this loss off of my mind no matter what. and the more it remains out of my grubby pawed reach, the more i find it annoying. 
so i cussed at myself and made a sincere promise last night. today is a good day to spend in the basement sorting and readying. 

i have 3 shows to participate in during the month of june. i am forcing the issue. one of them is in two weekends. need i say that i am wholly unprepared still? i decided that i needed table cloths to be made in advance of the event to gussy up my tables. now it is worth mentioning, i still don't have the tables yet. it is a little cart before the horse. 
i am sure that i will be able to make it all come together. i have as you must surmise already, ideas about the set up and the way to make my tables look sort of nice. i think uniformity of tablecloths and fixtures for display may help. i always seem to take a large collection of stuff thrown together for a crazy display and work it out as i am putting jewelry up for display. it works, but it requires an awful  lot of thinking on my feet and that is just not easy, when i have been making earrings and setting rhinestones until my eyes have crossed and uncrossed a few times. 

this is what a show set up looked like last summer.
you probably have seen all of this at separate points already... but it is good for me to review. 
perhaps you have some ideas?

 then another one later in the autumn.

 and as i kept at it, another one in february. i am trying to make it more streamlined... truly i am. 
but it is taking time to figure things out as i go. 

i feel a little bored with this... maybe adding the neck forms 
WITH a coat of paint and some other fixtures will help 
the overall appearance of things. 
in the meantime, i am due to return to my cleanup and i am bound to create some improvements. they are so overdue. 

that and there are too many family members around for my taste right now.
two ripe teenagers, complete with bad attitudes,
followed by smaller and much more personable ones. 
the younger ones remain delightful, even if they think up is down and down is up. 
and they still can be bribed with the magic that is 
C A N D Y. 
i am sure that the dreams of candy will ebb away, 
but until that time, i will appreciate their sweeter natures. 
the older ones are just not nearly as pleasant and i know you know what i mean.

back to the dungeon. 
i mean cleanup. 

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