Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ode to spring

today is stunning out. for this, in spite of the regular crazy fare that i enjoy, i feel some creative juices may be flowering.
(ha ha ha!)
 i went to write flowing, and it came out flowering.
 talk about some kind of freudian slip?
so i think that today i shall be making flowery additions to my world.
 for a few years now, i have admired a lot of different jewelry artisans.
one has led me to purchase some crafting supplies that i may need to try out.
 i have 6 little tubes of alcohol ink which are supposed to be good for coloring metal.
 i think it may be just the time to give them a test.
if i run out of time, it will be attributed simply to getting flowers ready.  

 oooh i got some harvested!

and if my luck holds, there will be earrings to come. 
and even perhaps some necklace(s). 
there are a bunch of different techniques i've been investigating and experimenting with.
i may be able to tie some of these together finally for a new look for some of my jewelry.
there are a lot of copyists out there and for me, the only trick in my arsenal is to try to stay ahead of the pack. 
in this 'madonna' is my muse. 
i must try to stay as far ahead of the pack nipping at my heels and to keep on with personal evolutions and growth as much as i can.

if not, then i can always bake something, sew something or surf the internet.
 regardless of my unfocused plans, i will be reveling in the loveliness of the day.

and some revelry may even be from my front porch.

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