Saturday, May 14, 2011

near death experience

please accept my apologies in advance for the dramatic header on this posting. 
no people or pets were harmed in any manner as the title may suggest. i am just a drama queen... or something. i am loathe to experience any inconveniences, since i run on such a lean life-styling
 for the most part.
my agenda is this, 
my computer screen is wonky. 
i took it to be looked at and it requires a fresh cable installation. the price of fixing it is completely right, however the time it will take to be repaired is 
THREE to FIVE days.
this is not all that long a while to wait, however, i am uncertain i can do it. i know i barely made it through one day of inconvenienced time ala blogspot. 
all the blogspot underpinnings were on hold as the powers that maintain them, worked on some mysterious maintenance issues. things that make the whole blog-o-world work properly. they were on "read only" status. this is fine... but i was seriously jonesing for some NEW info and pretty pics from some favorite writers and photographers. 
only ONE day!
i barely could stand it. 
so how am i going to manage things with being out of touch with my beloved computer?
 it hardly seems possible. 
then again, since i espouse so much love of all things vintage as well as old fashioned values etc. ... i am gonna have to put my big girl clothes on and visit with some of these folks. the people that had no such machinery and ease related work tools. 


my love of vintage led my heart to search out fresh old things. this was a few years ago that i made a discovery... which yielded my profound and unwavering love for  a few sellers on etsy. they have allowed me to bridge the gaps in my own weird little patchwork life, modern conveniences, transportation issues and seasonal discomforts, ie:cold/bad weather. 
i have likely spent a year's worth of college tuition in one store... and have even been able to spend real time with this seller. she is my rock and my solution to all of my quirky needs. she has also been kind enough to extend me credit in the form of time on many occasions. for this i adore her more than everyone, but even more so for her ability to reach into my soul for a gorgeous, chippy, patinated, metal, celluloid, enamel, glass, rusty, unusual things that i just can't live without(and other fondly appreciated adjectives).
 ... pieces that i can integrate into my jewelry based constructions and life. 
often, i sort through them, just to look at and admire them....
perhaps even put myself in the place of their former owners' lives for a little imaginative mental vacation. 
{we have covered my personal quirks here already right? so this ought be no surprise...}

here are the glorious captures that i made last month via her eagle eyes and willingness to share. i can see so much coming from them... if i unclasp my own greedy hands and let them flow to others who are as entranced as i am. 

also, forgive my oddly exhibited pictures. i am trying to master the most minor aspects of 
 how to use photoshop. 
so far, it is winning.

a more floral composition?{or do i mean  ultra-feminine?} 

this has more of a "scottish highlands" note.

 all the family from the farm dressed in sunday best,
showing their true personalities...

someone went to venice and picked up some handmade glass flowers... pastel and pretty for private admiration or a gift to a lovely lass at home.

a couple of occasions have allowed me to use some of these gorgeous faces in tintype for my own neckline driven jewelry

this one was called "kissing kin"
{the sweet children featured, reminded me of the movie 

this one was "kissing kin two... MEG"
{ Meg was my next door neighbor growing up. she was slightly older and therefore much more exotic for her worldliness. }

oh, no... must get back to work now. 
i have a nice surprise to share soon. 
i just want to wait a teensy bit longer to give it to its new owner. 
i think it may be a lot of fun to reveal. 
it took a lot of work... to get to where i was happy with it. 
recently, it seems that i need to put things to the side for a bit, so i can revisit and adjust with a more distanced eye. this is a boon to the ultimate design practice. 
never has this practice failed to reward the ultimate outcome 
which is ultimately to provide maximal delight. 

just wanted to make that clear, 'cause i need things to look their best every time. 

off to the showers and pliers... 


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